Nimbus X confusion 😕 Australia New Zealand

Are they the same uni just different pictures?

the last one is a nimbus x longneck i believe…i think their different unicycles

they are different because the black framed unicycle is the older one and has a lot of frame clearance

Why would they sell it for the same ish price as the good ISIS one? Why would they sell it at all. At the bottom of the Aus one it says note, pictured is a 2004 model.

callem up and see…that seems like the only way to know for sure…

True. I’ll do it later.

mmmmmmm, yea. The nz one is a longneck frame.

But the Australian one is cotterless. And the nz one is splined. Theres a difference.

I was thinking that too + the weight of the 2 are different. :smiley:

That’s hammered, why wouldn’t they just have the same one. I’ll just get my LBS to order one in. They can sell KH unicycles in for about $650 or something, and you get them from UDC Aus for $800.

Did your local bike shop sponser the Uninats?

Not that I know of but I really don’t think so, why’s that?

UDCA spent 3 days there and sponsered prizes and events.

What ever are you talking about, and it’s ‘sponsored’.

:thinking: errrrr??? :thinking: