Nimbus X bearings

Which bearings on does the Nimbus X have? Which ones would be the best replacement? The bike shop said that they needed to be replaced, but didn’t have the right size, so he told me to order them from UDC. Please attatch a link to the UDC page with the bearings that I need. Thanx!


Why did they bike shop say they needed to be replaced? Is there a problem with them? Maybe you should just clean them out.

You should be able to find the bearings locally. The size that you need are. 6203Z (metal seal) or 6203-2RS (rubber seal) Look in the Yellow Pages under bearings. UDC you need these. $6.00

Or for $26.00 you can get these

So the bearings are broken?

My DX bearings split right down the middle, all the way around. I got replacements at a bearing warehouse thingy.

Okay, so for outside freestyle on pavement, should I get metal or rubber sealed?

Oh yea, about how they broke, on bearing had a crack, so it was constantly popping and stuff.

For cheap bearings, you can check here: