Nimbus X alloy cranks

Today, I bent my right crank pretty bad jumping off a picnic table. I thought I had a spare, but turns out that one was bent a long time ago.

So, naturally, I am in need of a new pair. I was thinking about getting at set of the Nimbus X’s, but I’m not about to spend $28 if they’re not significantly stronger. I mean, I could get two sets of the torkers for the same price, eh.

So, anyone know strong these things are? Are they worth it?

What are the strongest cotterless cranks I can get?

I had some of them, they’re really good, they’re very light and strong, they wont bend but are more likely to just snap or something, but this is unlikely. I think you should buy them.

I’d rather see you go with the bike euro’s, 3 bucks cheaper and 20 bucks better, after about 20 hops off of a park-tables hieght the nimbus’ bent way WAY WAY! out of shape and the pedal was almost pointing directly at the ground, go for euros you’ll be happier.

The Black Widow Euros were really great before i bent them… 2 months after i got them. i bent/snapped 4 pairs of cotterless cranks, so i’d say save up for profiles. correct me if i’m wrong, but a cotterless setup isnt worth the effort.

that all depends on how far your willing to push things on the drop side of things, my BE’s were taking a fair few 5 footers before they started to bend, whts the point in dishing out on splined if its not needed, saying that after getting my trials uni KH equipped it provided peice of mind, and im really pleased i saved up for it.

surely theres a reason for this comment on’s details of the nimbus cranks.

Well, most cotterless cranks are not suited for heavy jumping. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much point in getting a splined set up.

I called today, and since I’ve had the unicycle less than 30 days, they’re sending me a new right crank for free.

But, I’m going to be using this unicycle a lot, and a lot of that will be for trials, so I would like to upgrade to some more expensive cranks.

So, which ones will hold up to the most stress? The euros or the Nimbus Xs?

P.s. for anyone who still uses the basic steel alloy cranks that come standard on almost every beginner unicycle, You can get them cheap from Infinite Illusions ( The cranks cost $13 as opposed to’s $12, but they ship USPS, so it comes out a few bucks cheaper.