Nimbus X Alloy Crank arms

Anyone have an opinion? If I were in the market for new square taper cranks, it would be these or BE’s. Which would you choose?


I’d like to know what alloy is used for the cranks. Is it a 6000 series alloy or 7000 series alloy. The 7000 series alloy is stronger and is what Kooka and Raceface make their high end cranks out of.

my guess would be that its a lower end alloy based upon price. They also dont recomend using them for trials so they probably anrt that strong.

the octagonal design is interesting though… why not round ?


I’m not at all an expert but my guess is that it is faster, and therefore cheaper, to produce.

Question 2.

This might be a bit obvious, but I have been wrong about things I thought were obvious before. Are steal cranks better if you are planning to swap cranks often?


Nimbus X 152

The test bed was a 36" Hunter, compared to Bicycle Euro’s (150). Went out for a generaly long road ride at night. I found them to be noticably stiffer and just a tad lighter. The only complaint is in the size of the mounting area to the hub. I was JRA, picking up speed and feeling it. I readjusted my foot a little, next thing I know I’m running to catch that kinetic energy. Seems the squareness of the back of my shoe caught the squareness of the crank (with the roundness of the Euro’s, my foot would just roll off). It lifted my foot right off the pedal, luckily the SUV behind me saw my taillight. After that, I kept my feet a bit more spaced, the ride was no more eventful. Think I’ll keep them on a while, it will teach me to be more aware.

I’d go for the Nimbus X cranks - they are stronger and lighter than BE’s. I’ve been really happy with mine. Only thing you have to watch is that, like other aluminium cranks, they tend to work themselves loose on the tapers. It pays to take your crank spanner with you when ride with these cranks and check them for tightness regularly.

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i just got my nimbus x’s. i painted them yellow to go along with my flame motiffe (i dont know how to spell it). ill post after a couple weeks. PS I am riding strictly muni on them.