nimbus X 24 wheel off center

I just got a Nimbus X 24 and noticed that the wheel isn’t centered exactly on the axle, it’s off to one side a few mms. Is it a big deal? How is the hub and bearings held together, is it all just pressed on the axle?


Is the wheel dished more on one side? Is the hub centered in the frame? If it’s not rubbing the frame it’s probably no big deal.

The wheel is dished properly. There is a bigger gap on one side of the tire/rim between the frame. The gaps between the inside edge of the crank and the bearing holders on the frame also show the same difference. Nothing is rubbing anywhere (or even close to it) and everything is tightened correctly and operating smooth and normal so I guess it’s not a big deal.

I’m just a bit of a perfectionist and thought if there was an easy way of fixing it I would do that.