nimbus X 24-inch

it’s a bitchen unicycle, although i did do one 2-foot drop and the crank’s been creaking ever since. check it out

Oops, If that creaking was just the cranks that is my bad, i thought it was lose spokes so i took it to my LBS to have the wheel trued. Probaly gonna cost me $20 to $30.

Besides thats mine looks pretty solid, its at the shope now I also had the shope put some BMX petles on and look for a good 24 off road tire. I am hoping it will make a good Muni. Do you think it will hold up to the trails and moutians or not?

I just recently put a 24 x 2.5 mountain tire and some new off-road cranks on my uni and it seems to work very well for MUni riding.

Hi im new here.
i was thinking getting the nimbus 24-inch muni equipped one and i was wondering if there was aney other muni that would be better for about the same price.