Nimbus X 2007 street on UDC UK & NZ

Couldn’t find any info on searches so here it is:)

NZ Pic
UK No pic, but now street category, shared w/ KH w/ 127’s

I think the set-up is identical, but there are some differences in their stated specs:
UK says the frame is reinforced crown, strong splined ISIS hub, 5.8 Kg (12.86 lbs), and 125 Qu-Ax freestyle or KH moment cranks.

NZ sayst the frame is widened, Nimbus ISIS hub, and Qu-Ax cranks.

So how strong is this uni? I’m waiting for a response from them on this.

Both say it has a 19" Nimbus rim w/ cc tire, Nimbus gell saddle, DX pedals

Edit: both say they are out of stock, possibly for several months:(

Nimbus should stop using 20mm bearings/machined bearing holders. Just keep things compatible, what is the point of making a new street frame that is only able to fit one splined hub? (well I guess it would fit 3 hubs: nimbus, torker and profile, is that right?)

Also a 22.2 post is fine on freestyle uni but a lot of street riders will bend that.

True, although the frame would go most of the way up to the seat so that the length of 22.2mm would be minimal. But provides more space on the frame crown for putting your feet on, so you gotta weigh up the space vs possible bending of post.

any news on when the isis hub will be available seperate and hopefully in the us?

…also would be a bit stronger if you had the longest post possible for your seat height.

While riding my learner I remember noticing distinctly more flex when riding w/ a shorter post (still had almost 3" in the neck).

Yes these are indeed the same unicycle. We at NZ got our stock first, but have sold out already. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure that the Nimbus ISIS hub fits 42mm bearings. The Nimbus X frame was modified to fit these larger bearings and widened to accomodate a trials 19 x 2.5" tyre.

Oh ok, thats cool then.

I basically got this unicycle a couple of months back. I asked Roger here in the UK to customise a Nimbus Hoppley for street, e.g. KH Street saddle, plastic pedals and lowered the seat post considerably. When I saw the pic, it was like I was looking in the mirror (if I myself, were the unicycle in question). I like that UDC have finally branched out to making street uni’s but hopefully this will just be the start.


Jason what hub does your have? I heard Roger had the new Nimubs ISIS hub at BUC btu that it wasn’t quite read for sale yet.

Jason what hub does your have? I heard Roger had the new Nimubs ISIS hub at BUC btu that it wasn’t quite read for sale yet.

Jason has the Nimbus II long neck (the frame for this arrived in October), not the Nimbus Street . The Nimbus Street only arrived during BJC and only got shown there and at BUC for the first time.


NZ are out of stock, UK are not.

Here is the full description of the product:

A new Nimbus unicycle designed especially for street riding. Holy toledo!
Stairsets, skateparks and the concrete urban jungle are the natural habitat of the Nimbus Street unicycle. Built at the request of street riders and incorporating all the features needed in a top street unicycle. Now there is a specialised street unicycle - you don’t have to make do with a trials or freestyle uni.

Chromed CroMo Nimbus X frame with reinforced crown and a long neck to keep the clamp up and out of the way. This means fewer leg/clamp scrapes. The frame has been specially widened to fit a large volume trials tyre and is probably the strongest Street frame available. Specially machined 42mm bearing caps keep the wheel perfectly aligned and running smooth.
Strong new Nimbus ISIS hub
125mm ISIS cranks, shorter than trials unicycles to allow more speed and flow in your riding.
Choice of pedals.
Nimbus Gel saddle - comfortable, yet thin enough to be easy hold in a single hand - great for unispins and seat-out tricks.
Saddle: Nimbus Gel saddle, Black with red nimbus logo
Seatpost: 22x300mm chromed reinforced steel seatpost.
Seat Clamp: Nimbus double-bolted.
Frame: Nimbus X CroMo Street frame in chrome.
Hub: Nimbus ISIS hub, Black
Cranks: Qu-Ax Freestyle ISIS Cranks 125mm OR Kris Holm Moment ISIS 125mm.
Pedals: Plastic pedals OR Black aluminium DX pedals with metal pins.
Spokes: 36 14gauge stainless steel spokes
Rim: Nimbus aluminium trials rim, 42mm wide, black with eyelets.
Tyre: Maxxis Creepy Crawler 20x2.5" with shrader valve.
Weight: 5.8kg (with Qu-Ax cranks & plastic pedals)

Cost is £195.00 (although there are options on it that change the price).


Given there’s now a Nimbus ISIS hub is there any chance we might see an extra-wide version for the Nimbus 36"? Although you don’t exactly need splines on a 36er, it would be pretty cool to be compatible with e.g. the double holed moment cranks (in the absence of any production dual length cotterless cranks).

Not in the immediate future. As you say there is not really a need in strength terms. The ISIS hub is also not ideal for changing cranks over with as it is tapered and splined. There is also not a billet currently available big enough to do the extra wide hub so it would be a new new product and this would cost a lot more… I have thought about this one and can see it coming in the future, but not quite yet.

As pre discussion about the Nimbus 36 and weights of frames etc. The UDC wide flange hub would be suitable for experienced riders and it is the same width as the KH hub. So there is already an option.


is this uni gonna become available in the us?

I understand that they will be in the US in July. The UK and NZ are testing the products so we only have a small batch of them.


To add to what Roger has already said in RSU, hear is a copy of our e-mails.

Lewis wrote:

How strong is the new Nimbus street uni? Esp. frame and
hub. Is it as strong as a normal splined hub like Qu-Ax yellow, KH Moment,
Koxx, KH/Onza?


I believe the frame is the strongest currently on the market, although
it is very rare to actually break a frame. This is due to it’s
construction with the interlocking reinforcement piece and that it is
made from CrMo. The main thing with this frame is that it is rigid,
precision made, has machine bearing housings and a flat top for foot

The hub strength is equivalent to the KH and Onza ISIS hub. It should
be the same as the Koxx reinforced but stronger than their light weight
version. Quax have 2 versions and it will be stronger than the light
weight version and marginally weaker than the QuAX (although a lot

I hope this helps.



Lewis wrote:

…also, when you post pictures of the Nimbus X street it
would be nice to see the reinforcement of the frame and tire clearancel.


We will get new pictures up of the New Nimbus X street in the near
future. There is nothing to see externally of the reinforcement so
there is nothing we can show you there.



Roger, how was the frame widened? Are tops of the fork legs pinched or moved out farther?

Would it be possible to the same or similar frame widening and reinforcement to a normal Nimbus X frame?

It’s good to see the Nimbus X frame developing in other directions. I wonder if we’ll ever see a Nimbus frame(s) for the 24, 26, 29 Nimbus unicycles. These sizes (esp. the 26, and 29) seem fairly difficult to get good frames with machined bearing holders for.

It’s not hard, just expensive. for the 26 and 29 the KH 29 frame works. but i’m thinking your talking about a wide frame. A new Nimbus X should be created for those larger wheels, with the machined bearing holders, wide frame, rounded crown (don’t see too much 29er freestyle), and a non-long neck frame(not everyone can fit on a 29er with a 300mm seatpost.