? Nimbus wheelset

So was the $86 price for the nimbus trials wheelset a mistake? Because now its at $140, and I was seriously just about to order one. Does anyone know whats up with that? When I saw that wheelset I immediately began saving up money for it ($86 was rediculous!). I was gonna buy it today but then I saw it went up:(


yeah it must have been a mistake. Send them an email saying you just saved up $86 and were planning to buy the wheelset today but they put the price up. You might get lucky and get it for $86. Its worth a try isnt it.

Ahahaha, I knew that would happen. That is exactly why I told you all to hurry up and order before they jacked it up.

EDIT: Its also now up to $160. It nearly doubled in price. Theres really no use in calling and saying you would buy it for the $86, they would only honor it if you had ordered it before the jump but was charged the $160.

Yeah, with that low of a price I knew it was just like what happened with the Nimbus Trials uni.

I wonder if anyone who posted on here ordered one before the price jump. They are gonna be lucky if they did. :stuck_out_tongue:

nooooooooooooo, :frowning: see a bargin - bag it


i paid $86 for the wheel!!!

i go the wheel cranks and a head badge all for about $160. im soo happy my parents lent me the money:D but now i still owe them like $100.

wow… im really glad i got it when it was cheap:p

EDIT: and that note on there is from me b/c i e-mailed them and said that the spokes rubbed my frame, so i put a tiny dent in the frame where it rubbed…and problem solved:)

Nice. =p

thats what i said:D

and how much did the nimbus trials uni used to be? cuz its still a deal at $255!

Go back to your history and find it when it was 86 and see if you can order it that way sinces it just changed today or yesterday at the soonest.
that sucks it went up

that wont work…
even if it says $86 when you click add to cart, it will still be $160 in your cart
sorry 'bout that

It was $225 with an incredibly low $15 dollar upgrade to the KH moment cranks. I nabbed it at that. :slight_smile:

o man im so lucky, i just got it on thursday for 86$(got it as in recieved the wheel, not ordered it). Im so glad i got it for so cheap. yea sorry about that tho that must suck getting ur hopes up like that only to see it doubled the price.

when was it that cheap?that must have been nice!not that i need a new uni, but i might buy the rest of the parts to make a new uni to make a custom trials uni with my new wheel/cranks.

it would depend on how the site is set up.
it was a long shot anyways