Nimbus website is announcing the new Nimbus Unicycle website, This is an informational website with a blog. The Nimbus Website has all of the current Nimbus products with detail photos and specifications.

A Facebook and Twitter are linked to the Nimbus Unicycles website enabling the customer to follow all activity on the blog easily. Each around the world has a link from the Nimbus Unicycle site allowing the customer to find a Nimbus unicycle that they would like to purchase and quickly go to the desired country and purchase the product. All of the’s will be using the blog to share the events that are happening around the world.

awesome! :slight_smile:

now just increase rim width to 47mm pleaseee:) this uni would be absolutely perfect if it had 47mm rim :slight_smile:

maybe one day:p

Wicked idea!

No don’t do that! :slight_smile: i like it as it is

Great idea!

This is great! Very nice looking site at that…

I just noticed a typo, at Impossible/BC Wheel page level: the text below…

Have you exhausted all the things you can do on a unicycle, and BC wheel? Well here is your next challenge. The ultimate wheel is the Ultimate challenge in all things one wheel!

…has been probably copy/pasted by mistake.

Cheers, MadC.

Interesting to see one of my self-pics on the site.

The text is somewhat strange anyway, wrongly copied or not. An ultimate wheel, notwithstanding its name, is not as ultimate a challenge as a BC (or impossible) wheel. A BC wheel without lowered footplates (so you stand as high as the axle) is even more ultimate than the wheel pictured on that page.

Smalltalk. The site is good even though much of the information is already available from udc (Nimbus’s principal outlet isn’t it).

Thanks for the heads up on those corrections. I have corrected them. I do need to go through the text again, even just then I found that that the 28" UW had a 20" tyre on it. It is so easy to miss things like that. :-S


Now it says “commic” on that page, which is a comic way of spelling comic :slight_smile:
But we’re getting there…

the 26" Muni description is a cut and paste version of the 24"

You guys are great. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have updated the 26" and corrected the stutter on Commmmmmic :slight_smile:

We will get there.


don’t you also have special spare parts such as cranks?

That would be intersting… Although with over 600 parts that make up Nimbus/UDC Unicycles it would not be practical to put them on the site. What we have talked about is possibly doing in the future is featuring products, for example the Venture cranks or the Nimbus Gel saddle ranges.

We will also be using the blog for announcing the new products as they come out.


is this legal? I mean because of authorization :thinking:

By submitting pics for Kris’s “capture the moment” contest, according to terms of use, any of the photos could be used by UDC, as sponsors of the competition, for publicity.

didn’t know it, thx!

I didn’t either, until Roger told me, lol. :o

Great website Roger! I did spot another error for you. The 5-7 foot performer giraffe has the following text as the first thing you read:

“The Nimbus 5’ Giraffe is fun to ride and will help you stand out from the crowd. They are not difficult to ride once you have mastered a normal unicycle, though free mounting can be tricky. 5 foot is high enough to look impressive while still being practical. The Nimbus 5 foot Giraffe Unicycle has been designed with the intermediate unicyclist in mind.”

Obviously that is for the 5 footer, not the 5-7 footer.

Love the giraffes by the way…

Updated it. Having read the whole of that description… it all needs re-doing, but it is better now than it was.

Thanks again.