Nimbus Website?

I was wondering if Nimbus had their own website. I live in the U.S. and my search engines arent turning anything up. Is there a UK website or anything?

It looks like they no longer have a site. They used to be at:

It no longer works. It just takes you to UDC.

Nimbus is UDC’s unicycle brand, so Nimbus’s site is (and are the brand owners, so you should get all the info you need from there.



When they did maintain the Nimbus website it showed the MUni frames with brake mounts before anyone was talking about them anywhere else. On UDC the only ones they had for a long while were without the brake mounts, and only in chrome.

It was nice was to see stuff that was out of stock at UDC.US. For some reason the US site removes stuff that’s not in stock rather than showing “out of stock.” I guess there attitude is “out of site, out of mind.”.

For the most part the information is on the UDC site, but you might find more info on UDC.UK, or rather than UDC.US.

Their products are developed by Roger at UDC UK so he’s going to know more than anyone else about them. does have a much more extensive listing of nimbus unis and parts.
Thanks Guys!
Now I just need a stateside dealer that wont charge me an arm and a leg for shipping… The shop I ordered my Nimbus II from has a very limited supply of items from Nimbus unfortunately.

They should have access to the entire UDC US inventory, since that’s where they’re getting it from. But there may be differences in what’s available in the UK and US, for various reasons. If UDC UK has something that UDC US is not carrying, I recommend calling 1-800-UNICYCLE and requesting it.