nimbus vs united...???

how much better is the United 20-inch Trials Cycle with Monty Wheel and Torker black Saddle than the nimbus 11 trials?is it worth the extra$$$$$$ for the united?I can tell the cranks and wheel are better…but is it worth it?thank

go united

it all depends on your level of riding. unless you dont ride it much, you will break the nimbus. if you ride hardcore and progress quickly, it could only last a couple months. if you just ride around and do nothing that extreme, it could last more than a year. just depends on what you think you will be doing. if you are not sure if you want to get into trials uniing, get the cheaper model. if you are positive this is something you will be doing for years, get the united.

I’m not sure I agree with your advice, muniracer. We have a couple of Nimbus II’s at our house and nothing has broken. Twisted cranks is all so far. And those can be replaced fairly cheaply. The Alex DX 32 rim on the Nimbus is gaining a reputation as better than the Monty. The hub seems good. The seat on the Nimbus is superior. The frame is solid but whacks shins and knees. We replaced the frame on one of our Nimbus’s with a United for that reason. The pedals on the United seem to be better. But I think the Nimbus gives more bang for the buck. Just a humble opinion. I would like to hear from a few more trials people or people who own them!

how strong is the united? can it hamdle big stuff? How much stronger is it then the nimbus and how much stronger is the kh20 then the united?thanks

What do you mean? Like the crown or what? how do you whack your shin on a frame?



Try a good sideways hop and you’ll find out. It depends on your height and leg length and just how you do things, but some people definitely get their shins or knees whacked with the Nimbus II. The United has a rounded crown that doesn’t jut out as far. You can’t rest your foot on it for one-footed riding, unless you make a special adaptation, but otherwise my son likes the united frame better.

Strength does not seem to be much of an issue with either of these frames being plenty adequate for anything that normal people do. The KH is probably a lot stronger, but it just seems to be overkill for most people. Cranks, pedals, axles(spindles), rims spokes and seat-posts all bend or break. Frames(except the really cheap ones) hardly ever do.

Im talking strength of the wheel cranks and hub…not the strong are they?


Rim: Nimbus wins.

Hub/spindle: a toss-up. Neither is nearly as strong as any splined crank set-up.

Cranks: Roughly equivalent.

Seat: Nimbus wins.

Pedals: United wins.

Overall, fairly close. The Nimbus is a lot cheaper. But if there is something about it you don’t like, get the united or something else. In the grand scheme of things $50 isn’t that much one way or another.