Nimbus vs Reagent

My nephew wants to get a new uni for street. I have Nimbus and KH unis but he was looking at renegadejuggling and thinking of getting a Reagent Uni from them if they are still selling the Koxx One line. Are those unis similar to the Nimbus, they seem to be in the similar price range? Can you let me know the differences in them if there are any please?

go to monocycles, then to flat then click the reagent.
never riddin one. nimbus has steel frame reagent has alluminum. it is much much lighter than nimbus and has a thinner saddle (naomi) tubular cranks and a lighter wheelset. bit more expensive though .
for a price comparson check out here:
Reagent (whole)
$619.35USD (assuming you live in the us, considering you look at renegade)
nimbus (whole)
(there are multiple models of nimbus varying in price too though…nimbus titanium frame is like 500 alone or something…)

Reagent (frame)
$150.35 USD
(longneck and shortneck options with white or black)

Nimbus (frame)

There are multiple nimbus frames as i said before. the nimbus x street (longnecked), nimbus freestyle, nimbus trials frame standard steel bedford style crown, etc.
for the standard one that comes on the standard nimbus trials/street uni…
$34.35 USD
(steel , heavy, shortneck only, but come in many colours :D)

I know you were only mentioning impact reagant and nimbus but have you researched any other frames? there are many other frames that are all really good…
they very in price and stuf but here you go…
^^^qu ax series longneck debut frame…comes in white or black. lighter than nimbus heavier than the regeant… apparently really strong…also comes in a complete unicycle (you can find that on the site yourself :roll_eyes: ) $124.01 usd.
^^^qu ax alu frame. comes with break mounts and comes in raw silver only. comes in 20" or 24" size…lighter than nimbus, heavier than qxseries debut frame. very strong. also comes in a complete unicycle $110.21
^^^impact gravity frame. this is the frame i personally want to get eventually. it is very light (about the same as the reagent) and is also made by impact unicycles like the reagent…round crownnow flat crown very popular frame recently with flat, street AND trials riders. comes in white, black longneck or shortneck. more expensive than any other one here…the same price as the reagent i think…$150.35
^^^qu ax profi freestyle frame…made for freestyle unicycles but strong enough and wide enough to accomidate a street/trials wheelset (someone on here had one). heaviest out of all of these so far. very very nice crown design and cheap, but heavy as hell. made of steel. longneck or shortneck $48 USD
^^^KH 20 frame. comes in longneck, shortneck and doublecrown long (now discontinued). light. very similar to the qxseries debut frame. i use the shortneck version now and i love it. only comes in blue or raw (depending where you order from). made of aluminum. quite a few people have broke them, but depends on what kinda rider you are. $136.56 USD
^^^triton ti frame. comes in many sizes. flatcrown unique crown design. very ridged and a very coveted frame. never heard of anyone breaking them. super stiff. nice and strong and light…not as light as the reagent, but its probably stronger. never had one before. some people have them on the forums. ask them for more info. most expensive frame posted here yet. $619.35 USD

^^^k1 railhunter frame…new frame dont know much. tim desmet has one…ask him. semi longneck…roundcrown like gravity…199 euros

^^^k1 karbon koncept…again dont know much. made of carbon fiber. apparently very strong. semi long neck. ask tim desmet or shoot k1 for more info. 399 euros.

there is also the nimbus eclipse, eb carbon frame, k1 devil, k1 black domina line, etc. both those sites offer int. shipping.

Reagent frame is alot better,its lighter

Mexico7 and padst3r thank you for your replies…Mexico, isn’t ordering from another country more difficult and cost more in shipping?

How do the wheelsets and cranks compare? I love the Moments and know that you can add those on to any Nimbus, but I have never used the Groovy 140’s that come on Impact uni’s. Can they handle the pounding of a 190lbs imtermediate street/trial rider? My nephew put his Torker DX through some beatings learning this past 1.5 years and is now looking for the next uni.