Nimbus VentureII Review

So there is a lot of reviews of the normal Ventures on here but not too much about the VentureIIs. I just put on a pair on my uni and so far they feel fantastic!
I switched from the Lightweight Qu-ax cranks which also have very low Q so I didn’t feel any difference in that respect. This is personal preference but I really like having a low Q.
They are also almost exactly the same weight as the Qu-ax (which is very low) but they feel a lot stronger. I haven’t put them through any abuse yet but I have a feeling they can take whatever I dish out (if anyone has any contrasting experience here feel free to chime in).
For some reason I also felt like I could go noticeably faster which is odd because they both have low Q and were the same length (150mm).
All-in-all my first impression is that they are pretty great cranks. They feel nice, look nice, have a nice weight, and feel very strong. The one thing I would add is a steel insert for the pedals so that they don’t strip. Only time will tell how they stand up in the long run.