Nimbus Venture Cranks 2... AMAZING !

Nimbus Venture Cranks 2… AMAZING !

What do you Think ?

I definitely want to know more abou them. I’m looking to get a pair of square taper cranks, and I wanted to know if it was worth the extra $10.

It looks like they may be a candidate for dual drilling. What do you think?

Well i ordered these on may 20th the day they went on to, They are amazing :slight_smile: there really strong and worth every penny. i have done about a meter and a bit jumps on them and there very strong but im very sure they could hold alot more height. The only reson ive said i and a bit meters is because i dont have the guts to try higher.

These are an Amazing Buy.

Thats my verdict.

I’ve been riding some v2 165 for a couple months, they came on my Oregon, moved them to my 29er, really like them for the low qfactor. Seem to be strong, nice and light, and they’re a good deal.

I am curious if anyone has noticed that the isis spline portion of the crank seems too shallow, so that they don’t go on far enough; the threaded portion is too deep maybe ?

yeah i agree with that end part… :thinking:

I emailed Josh at UDC, not sure if they’ll change the machining, either to make the ISIS spline a little smaller so the crank doesn’t go on as far OR reduce the depth of the threads so the ISIS spline is deeper.

In my experimenting with the cranks, I found that I need another 2-3mm to get things tight using a 2mm spacer on the Oregon. I was just able to get things tight on my Nimbus 100mm standard hub using a 2mm spacer. I’d prefer to use a 4mm spacer, but to do that the ISIS spline would need to be made smaller (tighter).

Still, nice cranks, looking for a wider range of sizes, 160, 170, 155, 144, 140…

So, did anybody drill Venture2 cranks? If yes, I would like to hear some feedback - what sizes and how do they hold…

Recently I got a pair of 125s and think of adding a hole at, say, 107mm and maybe a 3rd one at 90mm.
Although I will use these cranks only for commuting/light riding, there still is a lot of risk because of the thin material, hence my question to you people…

EDIT: the holes I’m talking about are extra options for the pedals…


They look drillable.

I would only do one hole though, and only if you are prepared to replace them if they fail.

If you do drill them out let us know how it goes. I’ve been thinking lately that I’d really like a pair of square taper 114/150’s. If I started with a 165mm pair and drilled them for 1/2" pedals I bet they’d even last…

Does anyone make decent 1/2" pedals? You think they would be strong enough?

The further the extra hole the higher the chances of failure - so if there would be a 3rd hole, I expect the breakage to take place at the hole closest to the hub. My theory refers to the new Ventures and cranks which are not design optimized to cope with more pedal holes (eg. Moments)

All these being said, I still fiddle with the idea of adding one extra hole at about 107mm, which would be 18 mm away (center to center) from the original hole, hopefully close enough to have them hold…

By the way, did anybody here bend these cranks (untouched Venture2)?
If yes, details please!


I use twisted PC’s, they come in both 1/2 and 9/16. The cranks on my coker and freestyle are 1/2". I typically snap off one pedal every 2-3 years, Usually while playing hockey on the freestyle or starting to move on the coker.