Nimbus Unicycles x 3 (ad found on another website)

Found today on Gumtree, Brisbane Australia. Could be a bargain for anyone interested, or for those that can’t help themselves when it comes to buying unicycles.

Wow, good deal. If I lived nearby I would probably pick them up just because.

They’re the perfect kind of wheels to pass on to budding uni-apprentices.

If anybody wants one or 2 of the 3, I’ll take the others. I’d be happy to take a basic 24" with a good hub, and with the 29er I’d turn it into a muni (or I’d turn my current 29er into muni suitable, on the assumption this rim might be just a single wall).
You’d just have to help me get the others to Sydney (and I’d provide postage/delivery info :slight_smile: )

I could be interested in the 20" trials, but…

 "Local pick up only sorry no post"

Too hard.

I’ve met the guy he’s near where I live and I tried out his trials uni which is pretty solid. I was tempted to purchase it but I’m setting my sights on a mad4one trials at the end of the year. If anyone wants these I could grab them and post them for yous.

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Thanks Dave, I’m not sure what @Gockie is thinking, but that may work. I have no idea how such things are sent interstate. I just dropped a hint with the manager in our Eagle Farm office, maybe they can help arrange something to Sydney, nothing confirmed. Are you far from there?

Hi Dave, I’d be up for it. I’ll take all three, in the meantime, you are 100% welcome to use them!!

@Gockie, @Unigan has sent me some FB messages, contact him and join in (I’m too old to know how to do that) .

Done :slight_smile:

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