Nimbus Unicycle Touring Handle

I have a 36 inch Nimbus Titan, which I got from Is there some kind of touring bar that would fit onto this unicycle?

Maybe just a bar that would make riding long distances easier?

Since your Titan uses a 25.4mm seatpost you could put a Coker Pi-bar on it. The Pi-bar is a good handle and is the cheapest option. The other two popular options are the Nimbus shadow handle and the KH T-bar. The T-bar connects to the seat and requires a 2009+ KH base, which limits it to newer Nimbus and KH saddles.

Awesome! Thanks!

I put a Coker Pi Bar on my Nimbus 29, and it works well. It feels like reins on a horse. I bought it on the Coker website; it cost, I think, $50. It was money well spent.

I like my Pi bar enough. Great for XC since it’s smaller. I’m going to start doing some longer distance road riding soon though and am considering getting something a bit longer like Terry’s bar set up.

If you do get the pi bar (or any bar really) get some bar grips or tape. I actually wrapped mine in a few layers of colored electrical tape and it works great. Looks good, cheap, and when it get’s all scuffed up, you strip it and rewrap it or just wrap over it with a new layer. Bar tape is nice, but not cheap and doesn’t hold up. Grips are still prolly the best way to go. Just food for thought. :roll_eyes: