Nimbus Uni

Okay…I’ve thought about the whole Torker LX idea, and it seems like a uni I wouldn’t use for a long time. I’m considering more expensive yet better unis. One neat, reasonably-priced freestyle uni I found was a 20" Nimbus. What do you think:


Those are good. I recommend.


Could I have some comments on this uni, please???

It isn’t a bad uni…but it isn’t the best either. The seat will make doing unispins a lot harder. That thing is bigger than my uncle jack. Maybe just look around a big more. Also, in my opinion the torker LX is a better buy by far. LX is a rad freestyle uni. The only reason the nimbus is up there is because of its useless and sometimes un-beneficial features (such as the kris holm seat).
Hope this helps.


By the way, I meant to put “Look around a BIT more”

I called and they said it was up there with the DX (other than the splined hub or whatever). I know it’s better than my piece ‘o’ crap CX!!! I think I’ll get it…

no no, get the dx youll be a lot happier than the P.O.S. nimbus. I have the lx the dx and the nimbus, the dx is best then lx and that nimbus is rock bottom. Plus if you ever want to start a different style of riding you dont have to buy a new uni the dx does it all.

I’ve had a nimbus for a couple months and like it just fine, the saddle is a bit awkward.

What might be a better option than a velo?

The nimbus X has a KH saddle. I’m sure that’d be better than anything!

Nimbus X 20-inch Freestyle

I got the Nimbus X 20 and I like it very much.

Now I have to say that I wasn’t happy with the saddle the Nimbus came with. It seemed to have too much curvature. I first bought a Viscount replacement, which was more comforatable. But I’ve since tried a Kris Holm Fusion brand sadle (with removable cover) which is great.

I’d ask if they would upgrade the Nimbus saddle to the Fusion brand, and how much that might cost.

The think I like most about the Nimbus X 20 is the high pressure tire (110 psi), and the very solid construction of wheel, axle/bearing/crank.

Get the Torker LX and put the extra money in a savings account to save up for a trials unicycle later (like the new KH trials). A full on trials uni with a splined hub is expensive. Best to start saving now and hope that Santa helps you out next Christmas.

As long as you stick to traditional freestyle skills (the types of skills that are in the freestyle levels) and riding off of normal curbs, the Torker LX will be perfect. When you start jumping off of benches and picnic tables it will be time for that trials unicycle.

If you’re going to be doing more freestyle, get the Torker LX. If you’re going to be doing more trials, get the Nimbus.
If you’re going to be doing the same amount of trials and freestyle, I’d still suggest going with the Nimbus.

As I see it, it is time for you to do your own market research. We can all recomend some stuff for you, but it is ultimatly you who will make the final decision, and you want it well researched. Here is a list of things I think you would find helpful in a uni:
Flat frame
48 spokes
good saddle with lift handles (not viscount- no handle)
good pedals because grinding is enevitable at some point

I personally would like a Nimbus. The only real argument against it is the saddle, and that can be fixed. The Torker DX 20 is also a good one, but the saddle has 3" of padding which is, yes, amazingly comfortable, but a bitch to lift in and out of.
If you have any questions, it is easier to e-mail then to call them. They can tell you the weight of all the unicycles and all the information they have on them.
Have fun.

That sounds like a good idea. Do you think that if I was to start doing light street stuff that a Torker DX would be ok because you can do both freestyle and trials stuff on it? Does ebay have them cheaper than $199?

yes ebay does have dx s for less

much less

like 145 USD

that is what im planing on getting as a first muni

Yeah, the DX should be good. I’ve never ridden one, but apearently people are happy with theirs. You should get a 24" because it may not be the best for all freestyle, but it’s great for street and definately if you’re going off road.