Nimbus trials

Could some one please right a review for the nimbus 20" trials uni thanks.

I have the Nimbus II Trials uni, Its actually not bad for about £135 saying that its no Onza but it was my first unicycle and is pretty damn good,nothings broken yet but the seat constantly comes loose dont know if thats a fault with just mine but it gets quite annoying.
If your new to unicycling or trials unicycling then I’d get it for the price its great and I learnt on it pretty quick.

4 OUT OF 5.


Can’t get used to the KH saddle - I’ve always used Viscount before now and the frame bangs into my knees when jumping but I think that’s due to me being so short in the leg. I wanted a uni that would do me for a little of everything and so far I think this fits the bill.


I got the Nimbus II last year for my birthday, its my first uni. I like it alot, its not the toughest and doesnt have a big cool factor, but its not a piece either. Ive bent the cranks, but other than that its worked well. The only bad part in my mind is the crank and hub, of course thats half the unicyle so… I dont think you can go wrong for the price, but id look into the new Kris Holms Trials if you know youre serious about unicycling and trials, or if you have the money. If i could do it over again id still get it, because you can break alot of stuff and still be way under the cost of other unicycles. Its also a good deal if you do trials but dont do 3ft or bigger drops, you dont need an over build uni if you just take care of it.


no frame rust, my seat hasnt come loose, rim is still straight and round