Nimbus Trials vs. Torker DX?

hi all,
I taught a couple friends to ride:D, and now they want to get unis but they are both stuck between the nimbus trials and the torker dx. I have never tried the dx so I don’t know what unicycle is better. It would be great if you guys could give pros and cons of each unicycle and then I can show them this page.

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Nimbus = Isis hub(Lighter)
Torker DX = Splined
Those are the 2 major differences between the two.

I would get the Nimbus ISIS Trials with the Kris Holm Moment cranks.

All around better unicycle in my opinion.





I’ve never ridden a torker dx, but they’re supposed to be super heavy.

They are pretty heavy, and their not “indestructable” as some say.

Torkers are beasts. I’ve got one. I did 4-5ft jumps hitting rim ever time with no rollout, I would so unsmooth, I did 6set side hops landing sideways hitting the rim, it’s still true. No lie, I never touched the spokes on that at all.

I’ve had a kh wheel bent to hell and a spoke break that was on an 08. I have an 07 moment hub lacked to a nimbus rim, it’s kind of out of true, very rideable, but it’s been out of true more than once.

Go with the nimbus, it’s lighter, professional level and a quality product, get the kh moments and your set, I basically have a nimbus trials, it’s awesome. The dx is a bit over kill, but in my experience a complete tank and pretty much indestruckable.

I’ve had to friends crack the frame and one broke a couple spokes(he was jumping off a roof though) and another one mess up the cranks(I think he stripped it though). Sooo… their not indestructable at all.

DX are sweet. The wheel set is pretty amazing. I like wicked, never touched the spokes, and it was always straight, and that was with some hard riding. 8-sets, big drops to flat and learning with it. After about a year of hard riding, dont be surprised if you have some slop in the hub. Which is usually fixed by constantly tightening your axle bolt before/during/after every couple of rides.

For the long run, go for the Nimbus.

So its normal that my left crank keeps wriggeling off a little now?

Sounds like you rode it when it was loose. If you maintain a dx properly, I don’t think that should be an issue at all. Mines completely solid. Should have used some loctite on those axle bolts, you’ll have the same problem on any unicycle if you don’t take care of it, or accidently ride with a loose crank.

If that was to me, I never touched the spokes, except when I unlaced, painted the rim, and rebuilt the wheel, but I kept every other part maintained before rides, during the ride, and after.

The DX is a good uni, but for hard riding, I dont give them much longer than a year to last without something happening.

My DX has lasted 6 years of hard riding. Its a tank and the best economical unicycle on the market.