Nimbus Trials vs Street

I was on UDC looking around and I was wondering if the nimbus street is actually better for trials than the nimbus trials. I noticed that the Street had a different style frame (shaped more like a KH) which is one of the main complaints i hear about the nimbus trials. When looking at the old threads about this, everyone said that the street’s downside was that it had a 22.2 seatpost which would bend. Now UDC says that they both have 25.4 seatpost. I know that they both run the same wheelset, so would the street actually be a better trials unicycle?

If you think that style is better then yes. I think that the street comes with slightly shorter cranks though. There was a thread asking almost the exact same question with a bunch of comments a while ago, search for it and you can read through it.

if couldn’t find the thread

Thanks, whenever i had searched, I never found that thread.