Nimbus trials vs. Nimbus street

I’m interested in purchasing a street unicycle and I was looking for input.

The above links are to a Nimbus Trials unicycle and a Nimbus X Street unicycle.
From previous threads, I have seen that people seem to prefer these the most. I was wondering if anyone could contribute some personal experience about any of these unicycles, or if you have owned both, compare them beyond just the numbers on

I have had both.

Trials - Pros, 25.4mm seatpost.
Cons, Short neck - Bad crown.

Street- Pros, Long neck, Decent crown for foot tricks.
Cons, 22.2 seatpost diameter, wich bend alot easyer.

The rest of the uni is the same… only the frame is different.

Im not sure If money is an issue here but Id just like to say that I have owned a nimbus and then upgraded to a KH and If you have the money I would definately reccomend you purchase the KH as it is far superior in many aspects, the crown is great for both trials and street, the seatpost (27.2) is very strong, the hub is stronger than the nimbus crown and the rim has offset spokes, again creating alot of strength. these are just a few of the pros of getting a KH.
Having said this the nimbus is still a very very good first street unicycle and if you dont want to spend a lot of money it is the way to go. With a choice between the street and trials nimbus I would choose the trials due to the versitility but if you do go for this option you should upgrade the cranks to KH moments.

The KH

I would personally get the X Street over the trials because I have hit my legs on a very similar frame to the Nimbus trials and it doesn’t feel good. The X Street frame is the way to go for me.

What about this? Someone recommended it.

No, that isn’t a proper street uni. That is a freestyle uni man.

I really love my Nimbus X Street with 137mm moments. However, I’ve never ridden a KH, so I can’t compare the two.

Go for the Street, and definitely get moments.

ok, it is poorly described on then. thanks

gosh. why are moments 80 dollars? I don’t wanna spend nearly 400 dollars on a uni. Then i might as well get a kris holm unicycle.

You might want to call them up and ask to get the Street with Moments instead of the stock cranks. It won’t cost as much then, and you won’t have to buy a crank puller which will cost you another $15 or so.

Yah, it only cost like $30 dollars when you buy it that way. I would still buy a puller even if you don’t need one right now though.

That’s a good idea, thanks.