Nimbus trials vs Bedford lightduty

Hi, I am hoping to buy a new unicycle. I’m going to do some trials and some street. I need a unicycle that could take jumping off park benches and doing unispins. I am thinking either a Bedford lightduty trials or a nimbus trials. I don’t know anything about the Bedford so I’m not sure how good it is. The nimbus sounds good except the hub, but I believe it now comes with a splined hub., that’s the unicycle, and I believe that this is the hub I would order it with 137 mm kh moments. How would that compare to a Bedford? The lightduty is $250, how much might it cost with all the components that the nimbus has? By the way although I’d like a kris holm I can not afford it so it is not an option.

I would like some opinions.


If you want cheap ISIS then go nimbus, if your just beginning, the bedford light duty is great. if you plan on doing a bit more and have the money bedford heavy duty all the way

Get a Nimbus, it’s ISIS. If you have money, choose the KH cranks on it.

The bedford light duty crankset is square taper, which is weak.

Okay thanks. I am already pushing what I want to spend so I don’t really think I can get the heavy duty, but just for interest how much better is it? And how much does it cost? The pricelist says $420.

Thanks, good to know.

Bedford’s pricelist is super old. You should call him or email him to get a better idea of what he can get you and for what price. Darren is a great guy and should be able to get you set up with anything you need.


Thanks, I’ll try to contact him for further details.