"Nimbus" trials unicycle on ebay.co.uk

Hey everyone!

Was doing my regular search for unicycles on egay and stumble across this!

Its not even a nimbus, looks more like the Qu-ax to me!

What a rip! A little further down the page there is a genuine nimbus trials for the right price!

Doesn’t give a very good impression of unicycles, pay £185 and you get something thats gonna bend or break once you get good!

Rock on!

just for info that is a cross hub and it is a Cross Muni Light from Qu-ax.

Whooah! that is a rip, £200 including p+p, i know somone with that setup its not bad for beginer trials or street allthough the saddle isn’t exactly great.
Your right edd it doesn’t give a good impresion of unicycles, in fact most places who dont know much about unicycles charge way too much like here for instance : http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/searchSite.do?Query=unicycle
Its a shame realy.


Woah, according to that site, that uni has a 12CM wheel! That guy must be pretty small then!

I paid £40 for my 12"! Less than half of what they are asking!

Rock on!