nimbus trials uni

would this be a good uni to get then when i get more money buy some up grades for it. my other chose would be a custom one but it would look the exact same because i would have the same frame, seat(probably), and a lot of other stuff. my question as i said would be uis the nimbus trials worth getting and then add stuff as i get the money of just wait and save up with would take longer and i need a new uni because my learner is getting beat up and i can’t do trials on my giraffe(sp). buy the way the learner is a gravity 20" unicycle ny dad got me randomly one day after i told him i wanted a unicycle so this uni isn’t that good anyways.

from what ive heard the nimbus is an excellent trials uni to learn on and to upgrade because most likely all youll need to upgrade would be the hub/crankset…but ehy not save another 50bucks or so and get the 20"dx?

i found a torker dx 2005 for 199.97 free shipping form a ebay store that has a real website and i will get it probablybecause it is better and just about the same price. i seen it a while back but didn’t think about it.

I have a nimbus trials. I’d say go for the dx because even though it maybe heavier it is a lot stronger and it’s worth it in the long run.

how much more heavier?
also will the nimbus x long kneck frame fit the dx wheel set?

thanks for the help

i know i haven’t posted in this thread in a long time but i thought i would post it in here instead of making a new one. I have a few more questions. one is if i got a nimbus ll frame would it nbe lighter them the original frame on the dx. another one is can somebody answer my other questions please.

The DX your talking about is not a trials unicycle at all. its more of a freestyle with a splined hub. the biggest tire you can fit on that rim is probably 20x2.2. If you want a good trials uni save your money alittle more and spend the 20 extra dollars on the real deal…The 2006 Torker DX.


Thats just my opinion.

ok thats what i am going to do

I think you’ll be happy you did.

i am probably going to save up some more and get me a custom then get the freestyle uni i want

i changed my mind from the dx to the custom because i have been wanting the custom and it is a nice uni. the other reason is because it is coustom

no… get this

is it custom enough?

The nimbus Trials is a good beginner trials unicycle…but if it is your second unicycle, I wouldn’t suggest it. Get something stronger, with a splined hub and crankset, that will hold up to bigger drops and more abuse.

maybe because i have that much money now and not have to save up two or three more hundred dollers to get the other one.

Seems like Nimbus has a ‘new’ trials on UDC, and they screwed up the Qu-Ax trials too.

the one with the spined hub is all most exactly like the custom i was going to get but with different pedals, seat, and grind plates