nimbus trials uni

has anyone got a nimbus trials?
are they a good buy,?
currently on offer at and price is around my budget at £180

Yeah, I’ve had one for many years. It’s never let me down. I think they are a good value. The only negative point against them is a little bit heavier than KH, but worth it in my opinion.

Are you talking about the oreo trials? ordered it yesterday so I can tell you how I like it.

Haven’t brutalised mine much yet but yes, would recommend it for strength and quality. Looks bad-ass too :sunglasses:
Pity your not a little closer, you’d be welcome to come and have a play.

…Mmmm, just looked at the deal and see I’ve got a slightly different version but it’s essentially the same I think.



thanks for the offer, not that far away im south birmingham

Nimbus sells MANY different units that are identical except for colors & names. These all look the same as the above pic. As strong as anything else out there, but heavier than a KH or Impact Regent/Gravity. The Nimbus’ have a slightly narrower rim (42mm vs 47mm)

Also consider the Nimbus Street or Impact Athmos. Both frames are thin walled so will dent over time & the Athmos has lighter duty cranks.

These frames are very different, even though they have similar looks. The Nimbus Street is a full CrMO frame and is almost the certainly strongest trials/street frame on the market. The Athmos is a standard steel frame. We have not had any indication of these being dented or damaged at all.


just bought the 19" Nimbus ‘Bling’ Trials Unicycle cant wait for monday

Roger- Someone @ UDC US told me the Street was thin walled, partly how it got it’s light weight. I assumed the same was true w/ the Athmos since they are both so light (considering the steel frames)

Almost every broken part I’ve seen (that had been welded) broke at or immediately next to the weld. From a poor weld or improper heat treating (almost always not even done w/ steel)