Nimbus Trials SE

Anybody have reviews on this? I’m wondering how heavy this is. I hear the wheel is weak but maybe you could get a kh rim and a new wheel build. Also what tire does it have? Does anybody reccomend it?

the wheelbuild is great. the rim is great. the hub is great( if you aren’t going big.) The frame is great for trials, and if you put griptape on the crown you can easily manage wheelwalking and gliding. Not sure about standup ww though. the tire is the maxxis CC, which I like loads more than the luna, but the luna is nicer for street.

ya I’m strictly into trials and I don’t need a place to go 1 footed or ww. how much does it weigh?

go for the torker dx for about the same price, but you get a splined hub, which you will need for trials.

torker DXs have 125’s though. for trials you want longer.

I say go Qu-ax or waith the hoppley.

i just said dx cause the price is lower than the nimbus. but yea qu-ax would be good. and you can get replacement crank arms easier.