Nimbus trials or Nimbus Muni

Ok so I am looking to buy a Unicycle but I don’t know if I want trials or a muni. I like to go off jumps and down stairs and I am interessed in going off rode any-one got any suggestions?

Here would be the unicycle I would buy.

20" Nimbus ISS trials

24" Nimbus muni with KH moment cranks

I want a unicycle that can do both a little off rode and some 4+ ft drop offs
there is also a red torker dx that I am looking at both 20" and 24" and any info is appreicated.


A 24" is probably best for a lot of off road riding. A 20" would be better for flatland/street tricks and for trials.

The 24" will handle the drops and hops no problem.

Just my opinion anyway.

Thanks alot What do you think about the old red torker DX’s because I know a guy who would sell me his fo $230 will it handle the drops ok?

Torker DX’s are really strong! I use one(only the wheel) and it takes drops, jumps, everything you want:) But they are really heavy.

I don’t know anything about the Torker DX unfortunately. They have a good reputation on these forums though which is usually a good recommendation!

both the nimbus and the torker dxs are great.

i wouldn’t recommend getting the red dx only because i think 230 is a bit too high.

the brand new torker dx’s, which are even better, and isis, are on for $279.

I’m borrowing a 24" Torker (with the flat top) Muni from a friend right now, until I can get a nimbus. . . it feels completely indestructible, but as mentioned, it almost weighs as much as my nightrider (36") O__O I’m going to set up a nimbus muni with a hookworm for trick riding, and still be able to ride off-road by switching out pedals and tire.

if you’re mainly interested in offroad, I’d definitely go with a larger tire size : )

If you plan on doing any type of riding other than trials, go with the muni. The trials tire is just too small; it is not made for any kind of distance riding, only jumping and tricks. I also do trials on a 24" Nimbus muni, and it works just fine for me. I’d say go with the 24" Nimbus with Kris Holm cranks, and that will make it indestructible. The only difference between that and a KH is in weight.