Nimbus Trials ISIS Splined Hub

hey im getting this uni soon so tell me if its good or not. If u wanna have a look its on UDC AUS and AUS only. Remember its a ISIS Splined Hub. Im also only doing street with it and maybe some light trials so the frame isnt to weak or anything.

So what do you think?
From Brendon.v

The hub, I was told that it was similarly strong to the KH moment hub, (but weighs slightly more).

The cranks may not be so strong, but if they break you can upgrade them to moment cranks.

The frame, very few people break steel frames, and even if you did, they’re cheap to replace, so I wouldn’t worry about it.


I own a Nimbus Trials uni but I’ve change quite a few bits on it (cranks, hub & seat). The frame is nice and strong and so is the rim, but I have not seen the new UDC ISIS hub and crankset so I cannot say what that will be like. The picture on the site isn’t much help either as, it’s a really old picture - with the square tapered cranks and hub.

Here’s the link for anyone else who wants to look at it.

Please correct me if this is wrong,

but I have been told by a (reliable) source that the new Onza and Nimbus ISIS hubs are the same model hub as the KH Moment except some mods have been made such as colour and flange drilling.

Compare for yourself if you wish.

yep there same hubs as KH.

Looks really nice

tell me if you like it when you get it. I’m probably gonna get this instead of a KH because it’s cheaper and basically the same strength.

yeah just the cranks look weaker than the khmoments or onza tensiles but nothing stops you from changing them

alright ill post a review on it when i get it with detailed photos of everything.

if you are doing mostly street i would get this uni. The link is from UDC NZ btw. if you didn’t get the street one the one you selected is fine.

As several people have commented above, the hub is good and strong but the cranks are not heavy duty.

This is a really good entry level unicycle for street and trials. Unlike the square taper models there is a range of really strong cranks you can throw on this hub if/when you bend your nimbus ISIS cranks.

Don’t expect that cranks to hold up to heavy abuse but the rest of the uni is solid as. If you plan on doing street and no big drops then I would buy this uni and not bother replacing parts until things break. If you plan on doing big drops straight off then consider asking for some upgrades when you buy it. It will cost you a little extra to begin with but will save you time and hassle. A couple of things to upgrade if you want something to handle big drops are the seat post (a chromo one is probably stronger than the reinforced aluminium post) and the cranks (KH Moment or Onza tensile are bother excellent).

With those upgrades you would have a very strong unicycle. It would end up a a bit heavier than a KH20, but at least it will handle a lot of abuse. A KH uni still has the bonus of a nicer rim, lighter (and sexier) frame, larger diameter post, KH fusion street saddle and Jim C pedals. It is good to see stronger unicycles becoming more accessible to entry level riders though!

So Sponge, are you saying Joe was informed incorrectly?

the drilling pattern in the flanges are slightly different - but i wouldnt have thought it’d make much difference.

with all these new ISIS splined hubs, there’s almost no reason to get a square taper anymore.

haha Zfreak u allready got the Nimbus ISIS trials fund: in ur name thingo haha. Must be a good uni then.

I second what Peter has said. The Nimbus ISIS is a really nice machine for the price.

KH and Onza are exactly the same (atleast my original black Onza ISIS hub is), they even have the same flange drilling (KH initials). I think that the Nimbus hub has a solid axle like the Quax, stronger but slightly heavier. I would like some more information on materials though. It shouldn’t be a mystery what your hub is made out of imo.

I don’t know why, but this unicycle gives me a better feeling than the Nimbus street:

It’s also 50 euro’s cheaper.

well, it was a KH fund, but seeing as they’re pretty similar, and the nimbus is hopefully cheaper, I can have my cake (Nimbus Uni) and eat it, too (guitar hero).