Nimbus Trials initial impressions and comments

I finally got my Nimbus “Signature” trials unicycle in today, and it seems pretty nice. UDC UK had a sale going on last week, and my wife decided to get it for me as an early Christmas present.

While unboxing it, everything seemed fine, aside from the Nimbus decals running down the forks. They were poorly applied and already coming off. Not a big deal, but it just doesn’t look very nice. Everything else seemed just about perfect.

I may be wrong, but this seems like an older model, which is fine. I feel like I got a decent price on it, and I expected as much. The included multi-wrench is useless compared to the one I just got several weeks that came with my Nightfox, which is no biggie, but it seems to support my idea that it’s an older model.

The saddle is also something I’m not familiar with, but it’s fine. The description said “Nimbus Gel saddle”, but it’s not like the Nimbus Gels that came during the past year on my Nimbus Muni and Nightox. In some ways I actually like it better. The front saddle handle is solid, unlike my other Gels that have a hole in them. It also clearly has Kris Holm’s signature on the bottom plate, which is also different from my other Gels, and front saddle handle and rear saddle guard attach with screws instead of acorn nuts.

I love the cranks. The description on the website said 125mm Nimbus Venture II’s, and that seems to be what I got (see photos below). With the fat tire on the 19" wheel and the 125 cranks, it’s almost identical in crank length and outer tire diameter as my two 20" unis, so it’s got a familiar feel to it.

Of course, assembly was a no-brainer and was without issue. I’m totally happy with the looks of it, and when I first rode it, I was instantly able to do things I couldn’t do yesterday. I’m not sure if that was enthusiasm or just having a better uni, maybe both. They way the saddle is made, it seems easier for me to grip the sides and back as well, so that may have something to do with it, as well as the tire, which I like a lot.

It doesn’t seem that this particular unicycle is currently sold on the US UDC website, and while is looks similar to the Nimbus trials unis on the US website, it has different size cranks and a different tire than the Nimbus Vegas, Gremlin, or Spiderman trials.

If anyone knows anything about the Nimbus Signature trials uni (like is it an older model, and what’s up with the saddle?), please let me know.

That’s a great uni! You got a signature with the creepy crawler which is waaaay better than the cyclo-lite that some end up with and the nimbus gel you received is the older one with the Kris Holm seat base as opposed to the new version which is very flexy in comparison. Hope you have fun with it, it’ll certainly help your trials skills grow quickly.

I like the black/white look. I ordered my 20" (Equinox) with 125mm Venture cranks, which worked fine, but I ended up getting a pair of 137mm Ventures, which suited me better. There was some discussion on the forum about 125mm cranks being, generally speaking, normal for “street” riding, and 137mm cranks being more common for trials. There are variations among riders. I’m currently using 140mm Impact “Eiffel” cranks (hardly different from the 137mm Ventures, but I like them even more).

The difference between 125 and 137-140 cranks were, for me, most evident during hops, jumps and still-stands, as well as techniques involving sudden changes to the rotation of the cranks, such as idling I’m a big guy, 6"2’ and 210 lbs, and maybe that has something to do with favoring the longer cranks. Longer cranks are less “flowy”, so if that were your primary criterion for choosing cranks, you’d probably not like the longer cranks

Anyhow, there was some forum discussion regarding how subtle changes are related to learning. I think changing crank length is a worthwhile experiment, and it doesn’t cost too much money. Enjoy your new ride.

I use the Cyko Lite, and you just hurt my tire’s feelings…

The Creepy Crawler is made of a softer compound and wears down more quickly than the Cyko Lite. The Cyko Lite is lighter than the Creepy Crawler. The kind of situations where the Creepy Crawler comes in handy are currently outside my skill level. Though I haven’t tried the Creepy Crawler, my guess is that the Cyko Lite is a better all-purpose tire, particularly for a novice rider.

I should of clarified that the Creepy Crawler has much better bounce for medium to large side hops, but you are right about it wearing faster and weighing more than the cyko. I too ride an Equinox and swapped the cranks for kh 137’s and put the creepy on it but I use it exclusively for trials. The original setup with the 125’s and cyko was a better “all purpose” play uni, but like most my one perfect uni quickly grew to three.

UDC likes to put together custom unicycles to use up overstock and clearance parts, and I would expect that this one is yet another. Pricing is always good, parts mix can range from meh to fabulous. I’d agree with rockjunkie15 that you got good stuff, and that the cranks are pretty short if you want to do actual trials. I use 140s.

I don’t mean to sound dismissive when I say “overstock and clearance” - my own trials uni is a UDC custom closeout mix!

It’s funny that you mention swapping the 125mm cranks for 137-140’s. I have 138mm Ventures on my Nightfox, but I was wanting to try the Venture 125’s instead, which I now have! If I just swap the cranks between my Nimbus trials and my Nightfox, that’s almost exactly what I’d want on both. How cool is that? :slight_smile:

Thanks, man. I’m really lovin’ it. I’m completely worn out from playin’ around with it today. The more I use the saddle, the more I like it. I especially like the saddle handle on the front.

Cool! Thanks for the additional info and suggestions. I’ve had good experiences with the Nimbus brand and both the US and UK UDC stores, and from what I could tell, it seemed like a good deal and a good unicycle. I’m glad to know that it I actually got a good one!

Hi Bradford

I’ve got that very same model.:smiley:

I bought it more than two years ago and it was already an old model back then (like you I bought it brand new at bargain price).

It is a great Unicycle to learn Trials tricks, improve hops etc… The Creepy Crawler is a great tyre. I’ve jut replaced it with the Cyko tyre (CC original tyre worn out) but so far I much prefer the Creepy Crawler tyre (the Cyko is light and fast rolling but it feels a bit flimsy).

After a while I also changed the cranks to longer ones (140mm - non branded cranks that I had lying around) but I was happy with the 125s for a couple of years… I only changed them to longer ones because I thought it might give more stability to improve the height of my jumps/hops

I am no expert in Trials at all… but this unicycle does the job very well for learning basic skills/tricks of Trials, flatland etc… which are really fun once you get better at them (in my case it takes me a very long time to learn a new skill!)

The hub in mine it has been creaking for a year or so but still rides well so I don’t think it matters. It is still in one piece despite all the abuse!

The nimbus gel saddle it is a bit too big and bulky but I haven’t bothered to change it yet…

Cool! I had read older posts about the hubs breaking on the Nimbus Trials. I’m guessing since this one is older, it’s likely subject to the same issues I read about. I knew that going into it, and if I get a couple of years out of it before I have to replace the hub, I’ll still be happy with it. Plus, I’m probably not going to thrash on it as much as some of the others that do this as their primary riding style. My passion is for muni, and this trials uni is mostly for getting better at certain skills and getting a good workout.

I really like the saddle, but I agree it’s a bit bulky for this kind of unicycle. I’ll probably move this saddle to my muni that currently has the newer Nimbus Gel and get a slimmer saddle for this one. The handle on this older Gel is really great and much easier to grip, and I think that would be nice for the muni.

It will probably last you forever. I think these Hubs only really break when you hit the flange on grinds or crankgrabs a lot, some of the newer hubs where they have pressed on aluminum flanges break much faster.

You can also just move the handle, if you like the rest of your saddle on the Muni. I never understood why someone designed those new handles with the huge hole, I only know one person who prefers those. At least they don’t kill your finger like the original design with the slightly smaller gap.

Sweet! I hope it does last a while.

I might do that. I’ll keep it in mind.