Nimbus Trials Frame/Seatpost/Venture2 125mm

I purchased a Nimbus Gremlin Trials unicycle for a great deal and swapped a few parts so now I have: the stock trials frame(blue), 300mm seatpost, and 125mm Venture2(not pictured) cranks laying around.

I’ll sell these 3 things for $75 shipped in the usa or I’d trade for a BC wheel, Ultimate wheel.

Are the Venture2’s square or ISIS?

There the brand new ISIS venture2’s.

How much shipped to the UK?

Honestly shipping to the UK is just too expensive to make it worth while.

If somebody needs these parts I’m open to offers, I’d rather them get some use than just sit here.

what ya looking for? id be inturested in the ventures and seat post

I’d like to keep everything together, but that will change at the end of the week. I’m also interested in big 26" muni tires or tryall and monty trials tires for trade.

I have a Duro Wildlife 26 x 3.0 tire up for trade if you are interested (pics in the link from my signature below). I can even throw in an old Duro tube if you want.

im your guy! i got a specialized captin control 2.7 and a hookworm in 26 and a lightly used MEC.

But square or ISIS?

OK, thanks, I’ll pass.


$50 Bucks for the frame, seatpost, and 125mm venture 2’s shipped anywhere in the USA.

Paypal Please

pm sent