Nimbus trials frame = frowny face

Am i the only one that hates it? The crown sticks out too far and my knees are slowly loosing nerve endings, please tell me other frames are not the same.
I am sick of landing a sweet drop or an almost 180 unispin and having my knee’s destroyed, i cannot even touch the area on the inside of my knee because it is so tender.

ive never tried that frame. but a lot of people mention that they hit their knees on it.

Hmm, that really sucks. I have only hit my frame once when I messed up on a unispin and crashed into the frame sideways. It would of happened with any frame though.

Other than that, I havent hit my knees ever again on my Nimbus II frame.

hmmm, maybe i ride wrong.
all i know is that it bloody hurts.
like sometimes landing sif and it jerks to the side a little, or hopping on to benches/seats and it wacks when i land.

It will probably go away as your technique improves and gets smoother.

I know sometimes, when I do SIF, and land, my knees kinda bow inwards towards the frame, or if im not holding onto the Saddle well enough, it can move back and forth.

Havent hit my knees yet that way, but Im sure its possible from that. Luckily I ride Seat in unless im just messing with SIF or doing some freestyle/street SIF stuff. =p

ive caught my knees a few times on that frame. just wear knee pads with ur shinpads. also better for when u bail.

weird i have only ever hit my knees 7 times , the i learned