Nimbus Trials Deluxe

Last Sunday Night i purchased this uni.
It hasn’t been around for long and i’m getting it from New Zealand.
It’s fairly similiar to the nimbus hoppley but it’s got a better seat
and a Qu-ax hub instead of the old KH one.

I got a red frame and a blue seat, gonna dazzle your eyes!!!
It hasn’t even shipped yet, and i can’t wait to ride it.

Heres the linkage

Most important of all- Tell me what you think of her!!!

nimbus.bmp (900 KB)

that looks sick I love the yellow hub on the blue frame. hope you have fun with it.

seems pretty good for the price.

are you doing trials on it? i would have thought longer crannks unless your doing street.

you should also get the now 07 KH street gel saddle, you’ll love it.

overall nice uni thumbs up

Thanks. I chose a red frame, just to stand out from the blue frames that are around.

Yeah it’s for trials, but i’m happy with 127s.
Good idea, maybe i’ll upgrade to a better seat sometime.

That looks like an awesome uni for its price!

WEWT go UDC NZ. I told Tony they should build a “Hoppley” a while ago. Pitty that your buying it tho (and not a kiwi), as we now have a shortage of trials unicycles here in NZ :wink: jks

Use it or lose it:)

I have a new avatar, don’t see me startin’ a thread about it!

just joshin’ you, nice half a bike!

I think its awesome! Especially the wheelbuild! :smiley:

It just got here! Hoo Raa
i’ve tested the new kh seat on my old uni and it’s awesome,
but i’ll wait untill i can get some help so i don’t muck anything up!

Yesterday i looked on the website and it wasn’t up there so i think they’ve all been sold out.
I was lucky to get one, they were only on the site for under 4weeks.