Nimbus Trials Behemoth

I’m wondering what you all think of this unicycle

Also this is on sale

It’s quite cheap(In NZD) as an introductory price. Just wondering what you all think.

Has cotterless cranks (not ISIS) so not actually good for trials. Everything else seems alright except maybe the saddle.

How much would not having ISIS effect things, I have been riding for a bout a year and can do basics and stuff and hopping up things I also have done one or two mountain trails but what to start doing some street, so would it be good to start street if I can already ride

ISIS is a lot stronger than cotterless cranks. If you do a lot of hopping on that unicycle, the hub or cranks will most likely bend at some point. However, you would probably never bend an ISIS hub, even if you did fairly large drops.

Alright then would it be worth to spend more and get

Or if I wanted to do mountain unicycling

Both ones you posted are great. The Nimbus on sale is also a pretty great deal except it is made for freestyle instead of street or trials. All three are quality, it all depends on what you want to primarily be doing on it.

The big problem is the cranks. The UDC CroMo cotterless hub is really quite good but it’s really hard to find quality cotterless cranks in the 135-140mm range (Ideal size for trials riding).

If you are happy with 127mm cranks I would ask them to swap the cranks for some ProWheel or Venture cranks.

Thanks all, I’m probably going to get the nimbus 24" muni as I can continue hopping but it will be good for off road which I quite enjoy.