Nimbus Trials and Other Gear

A while back I had my uni for same on here, along with a fair bit of my gear…
I had a person down here [in Tasmania] that was keen to buy it, however after me waiting ages for the money to be transfered he then decided he didn’t want it… So I decided I would keep it.
About 6 weeks ago I broke my collar bone in a bike crash and have been told, because of the extent of the break, bad idea to uni again… Ever :frowning: Even when the healing process is complete… So no matter how much I want to keep this there is no point.
What I am selling is a tad different from before as I am keeping my newer 661’s but will throw in a helmet, old 661s and some extra pedals.

I thought I’d make a new thread because of the change in info, but if you want pics of the uni you can search my other thread [It’s only been ridden twice since then].

I’ll put pics in here tonight.

Nimbus Trials uni
Twisted PC Pedals
CC Tyre [pretty much brand new]
Triple 8 helmet
2x sets of DX style pedals
How to Uni book
Spare tyre
KH Gloves [Red ones]

Price: I’m not sure on postage, but Australian buyers I think I could sell for $380-$390 couriered to your door (including postage) - it cost me $80 to send a muni to NSW last year so that’s about $300 for what I am selling here.

If you want more info PM me or post here :slight_smile:

Thanks peeps

man that sucks, never uni-ing again. man . well i hope you get better soon anyways, even if you cant uni ever again.

Cheers mate,
I went surfing the other day and stuffed it even more (it had started to heal) - I got so sick of not being able to do much and there was a big swell so had to get wet.
I guess that’s life :frowning:
Looks like I’m back to doing nothing for a while, until it’s healed - Not risking messing it up more, even though it may be too late.

couple questions…

A. would love to see a pic.

B. Why would you keep your new 661s?

C. How bad was your break? like surgery and screws? arm in cast?

A: A pic of the uni? I need to get my camera back from my mates first… Am going there this weekend. There are pics in the other thread.

B: My brother wants them.

C: At first they said they couldn’t pin it coz it was a risk going in the way it was busted… Then I was given the option of pinning it or letting it heal naturaly… I hate needles and the idea of people playing round inside me so I said I’ll let it take it’s own time.

Hey Phil you can see a pic of the uni here

hey man

i broke my collar bone and was told the same thing,i was back riding 3 months after it healed,
if your still keen on the sport keep your stuff and wait it out,

i broke my right collar bone which i use for SIF riding and havent had any problems,it was about 3 years ago i broke it,other than the massive bone lump you wouldnt know.


whats this mean?

i did that to my ulna. :slight_smile: i was riding some trails one day, UPD and my arm hurt, but not much. so kept riding and 4 weeks later the “swelling” hadn’t gone down, went to the doctor:

you splintered a piece of bone, its set, wont cause problems.