nimbus trials 2003- 2005 any difference??


i was browsing the net and saw that the picture for the nimbus trials unicycle is of the 2003 model, is there any major difference between the 2003 and 2005 models??

Tyre - now has a Maxxis on it.
Rim has changed (jetset now)
Frame is now 25.4 not 22.2
Frame has badge on front
Cranks are now billot aluminium.



does anyone have any idea how to remove the metal badge off unicycles??

cos in my opinion they look kinda cheap

Just order it without one if you really don’t want one.

You are the first person who has said to me that it cheapens the look of the unicycle. It is exactly the opposite reaction that we get normally. A few people don’t want anything on the frame at all. oh well, if you don’t have one, more for the people who do… and that is the vast majority from my experience.


If he doesnt want it i’ll take it.

sure you can have it. and yeah im one of those boring people hu like plain frames rather than having a web site plastered all over it.

i second that

its more then a wesite :roll_eyes: why dont you just rip the dam thing off and peel the glue off so many people have been complaining about a stupid metal sign on the front :angry: you cant even see it :roll_eyes: