Nimbus Trials 16"

Thinking of purchasing this uni to do street on. Mostly just flat street, learning spin and flip tricks and having fun not any big drops or stair sets. Has anyone had experience with this uni?(although i think it’s pretty new).
How do you think it would hold up? (i’m about 58kg)

Thanks in advance

I have no idea, although I’d bet some people would suggest you just go for a 20" uni. You’re 13 and you’ll be growing quickly, and you’ll quickly outgrow a 16"er.

I have a 20" quax muni. Im just about 5 7" too.
EDIT: I enjoyed this video and thought some of the mini street tricks would be fun to try.

I agree it would be insanely fun. But if you’re gonna go serious with street and flat, definitely go with a 20." I can guarantee that you’d quickly outgrow the 16".

Im quite happy with my quax but was thinking i might get the 16". Go crazy. Then in under 2 months time get a lighter wheelset (minus cranks), Koxx maybe, for my quax.

That looks actually like a nice unicycle if it’s isis…
It looks like the 19’’ nimbus but a smaller wheel.
If you upgraded to moments and then I would say go for it. You might end up wanting a bigger wheel though. But that looks like a pretty solid 16’’

Hey there.

the 16" nimbus is square taper cranks.

I agree with some of the earlier posts - your 13 and growing - you should strongly look at the nimbus 19" trials uni. We have a sizing chart made up on the site, I am sure you would fit if you cut the post.

Keep on riding
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But i have a 19" that is in a fine working condition? The 16" would be a second uni that would mostly be for fun and trying tricks that are too hard for me on the 19" before taking them to the 19".

Ah, you should be clear (in your original post) that you already have a 20", and you specifically want a 16" uni for other reasons.

Then we’ll get some responses on the uni you’re interested in (or other 16"s)

^^^ That would have been a much better idea.

He was pretty clear on his 2nd post in here. I think people just dont read.

Go for it. It would be fun to mess around with.

It looks pretty strong, and fun! Go for it!

oh and he said in most of his posts that he already has a 20" quax too.

I asked UDC NZ about this unicycle and Tony has suggested that i could pay $35 for an upgraded ISIS hub and $35 for Quax ISIS cranks+ $50 wheelbuilding(NZ currency).
Without the upgrades the uni would cost $290 NZ= $255 AU
With the upgrades:
409.00 NZD = 355.854 AUD
New Zealand Dollars Australia Dollars
1 NZD = 0.870058 AUD 1 AUD = 1.14935 NZD

Would it be easier/cheaper to get the square taper version and just go through a few pairs of el’cheapo cranks?
The unis just for fun and i dont want to spend heaps and heaps on it. I want to start saving for a new wheelset for my 19" soon.

What do you recommend?

I would say get the 16’’ w/ isis because it seems like it would be pretty strong and really fun.

Id get it all except the wheelbuild $50 seems like a lot for a lace and true. You could do it yourself, or a bikeshop for cheaper if you look around.

I have a 16inch trials uni. Its really fun for trying new stuff and practicing seat out jumps. If I were you, Id buy it. I have a 20 inch trials also.