Nimbus Touring 29er questions...

First, I’ll start off by saying I’ve done a search and yes, I’ve found some past threads on this, but I’m looking for some more depth. :slight_smile:

Over the last month or so, I’ve decided that I definitely want a 29 uni for XC and even some light touring. I’ve done some research and it seemed that once upon a time, the Nimbus touring 29er was a fairly popular XC machine and suprisingly, just went on sale on UDC for a pretty killer price. However I did have a couple quick questions.

I know it’s got a single wall rim and that seems to be the main issue with this uni. Has anyone had any problems bending rims, flatspotting rims, etc? The most exciting thing I do is maybe hop up and down some stairs once in a while (6-8") but usually just ride down them, and I do not do drops.

Also, I’m thinking the WTB Dissent will fit on this uni correct? I believe it comes with a BA.

Which leads me into my next question, were I to go this route, do you think UDC would be willing to switch the BA out for a WTB?

So, is there any other reason I shouldn’t get this uni? Seems just about like the rim is the only real problem with it… Apart from the color (really not super crazy about the red, but I don’t hate it either. Back when they had the blue one, I’d be all over it… :D)

I’m not sure the dissent will fit on that frame. The only Nimbus 29 that comes with that tire is the Drak. I think the Drak frame is a bit taller with more tire clearance. I’ve got a Nimbus nomad, which my be the same frame as the touring uni, it has an ardent 2.4 on it with about 1/4" clearance on the sides and top.

You might want to call UDC and ask if that tire will fit.

I have the Drak and its tire clearance (with the dissent) is pretty good on top (about 1" tire to frame) however the side clearance is minimal maybe an eighth of an inch or so… the tire “hairs” are touching the frame sides. So it’s pretty close.

Speaking of the Drak, how do you like it? Just curious…

The Drak was actually my first choice but the Touring was a bit better priced and then went on sale.

Edit: Just figgered out that though there’s a 60$ discount on the touring, now that it’s under 300$ you have to pay 45$ in shipping. So ultimately you save 15$ which almost doesn’t seem worth it. If I’m paying 300$ I might as well get the Drak… :frowning:

Well sorry guys, guess this thread was about worthless… :frowning:

I have a blue one, never had a problem with the rim or anything else. It is on my ‘oughta sell’ list because I have a KH29 that I ride all the time. If interested give me a holler.

There is a pic in my profile under inventory.

THe Drak is AWESOME!!! The didssent tire on the beast is spleen. It’s pretty good uni. It has Nimbus’s best rim, the dominator. It has ISIS so that’s good. I don’t really care for the gel seat so I may turn it into an air seat:D Or just get a new seat. That, for me at least, is the only con about the uni. Also if you get the tire pumped to the max psi it rides on maybe a 1/16 inch of rubber. XC is wonderful for it too. Nice and fast. With 150s on at my top speed I can’t outrun a UPD. Because it’s that fast you may consider a brake as well.

The Dissent will fit the Drak frame if an Ardent 2.4 will fit, but why do you think you want a Dissent?

Keeping in mind that the Dissent is a quasi - DH tire for a 29er bike, and you are looking at using a 29er for XC muni, and a 29" DH bike is far different than a 29er Muni…in other words it hasn’t been all that popular for 29er muni, though more than a few people have tried one; I sold mine after a few rides.

I’d suggest the Ardent 2.4, it is one of the more popular 29er muni tires, good combo of strength/weight/traction, kinda pricey but you get what you pay for…

The only reason I was lookin at a Dissent is because I know UDC has them, and I was contemplating trying to have them switch the tire out from the Big Apple on the Touring. Maybe I’ll get the Road version and get an Ardent seperate…

Will definitley look at the Ardent when I get a 29er. Thanks Nurse Ben!

Deadbeat, thanks for the offer, I’m going to think on it a bit more. Kinda think I’ll hold out for the Drak now… :thinking:

I want to give the QU-AX 29 Cross a good look as well.

Thanks for the help again guys…

No worries, get the best uni you can!