Nimbus Titanium frame

Hey everyone, got a Nimbus Titanium Frame for sale, only bought at unicon so like 4 months old. Hasn’t been ridden for a while cause my mates stuffed his ankle for the third time :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking for around $650NZD but will take offers…

Going towards buying a muni :smiley:


Links arn’t working.

mmm thanks il get some more pics soon as

Pics: (5).jpg (4).jpg (3).jpg



Looks pretty SICK!! (in a good way)
but I don’t have NZ$650. How much is that Australian?

650.00 NZD = 520.207 AUD <–Bookmark it.

exchange rate changed so its round $530 now, might be flexible on the price tho…

ok so il go down to NZ$600

hey im intersted i live in christchurch how can you ship it?

probably just courier it, or could put it in a box and ship it like that…probably wouldnt be more than $20 id say :smiley: or you could wait until uni weekend lol :stuck_out_tongue:

that sounds good does it come with just the frame or does it come with the seat clamp and bearing holders and all that as well

comes with the frame, bearing caps and if i can find my other nimbus clamp you can have that too

thats awesome so how should we arrange shipping?

whats the price gonna be?


Did you sell this frame? If it is still available please let me know.

Wayne (at) jester (dot) com (dot) au

sold thanks