Nimbus Titan + extras

I bought this Titan in January this year and have ridden it less than 100 miles. But learning Muni and Trials, and a lot of life going on, I am not finding time to ride it so it may as well go to someone who will.

Photo and details here:

Titan basic setup (see UDC for specs)

  • 170mm cranks (will install either 150mm or 170mm, ships with both)
  • Odyssey glow-in-the-dark pedals
  • KH rail post
  • KH rail adapter
  • Custom handlebar made from round-crown 24" uni frame
  • Brand new Yellow KH Street or gently used Black KH Freeride (your choice including Yellow or Black post clamp to match)

Price $500 + Shipping. Basic Titan price on UDC is $450 (which is currently out of stock). Willing to negotiate if you just want a basic seat post and no handlebar.

Will pack tightly in the original box. Shipping via UPS Ground to Continental US and Canada.

I have had some nice rides of up to 13 miles. It rides smooth and steady. I am 6’3" so it is set up for a tall rider. I don’t really want to sell it, but it needs to be ridden not just hang from the ceiling in the garage :frowning:

good luck getting $500 :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile: I can always use more Good Luck!

If you are interested and don’t want to pay $500 of course you can make an offer.

hi remember me

Hey i met you on the trail up in corner canyon. I was on a bike an i think you were with your brother. What is your absolute lowest

Hey dude! Good to hear from you. I just replied to your message on my profile page…

These are plastic pedals, right?

How durable are they? Just like other plastic pedals?

Your seat post isn’t too long for being 6’3". Do your knees ever approach straight on the down stroke?

Yes the pedals are the Twisted PC nylon pedals from UDC. How durable? Good question. I have had a few spectacular UPD’s and they have not sustained any damage. I don’t know how they would hold up to a lot of rough riding but unless you are riding off road doing big drops I think they would be plenty durable.

I always have a nice bend in the knee on the down stroke. But I think the seat post is something that needs to be just right so you may have to play around with it a bit.

Lower Price

$300 (+shipping UPS Ground from Utah in original box)

Includes the original saddle and both 170 and 150 cranks. You choose which crank and I’ll put them on.

If you are interested in the KH saddle and handlebar set up, let’s negotiate :slight_smile:

Can you provide more cent photos?

Did you mean recent photos? The photos in the link to the other thread are recent and they are the best I have.

Sorry, yes I meant recent photos. Okay, so those photos are the way it looks now, good. To set it up for a 5’9" rider I just have to cut seat post, right?

How far does the post go into the tube? Do you know the post length?

I have been using the KH aluminum post with the rail adapter so I could put the handlebar on it. I don’t know how long it is, but it easy enough to cut down.

The original post is steel and it is 300mm, but it is too long even for my long legs so I will cut it to size if you would like.


Micah in New York is the proud new owner of this 36er :). Maybe someday I will get back to riding the big wheel but for now I am pleased that it is not just hanging from my garage ceiling. A good unicycle deserves to be ridden!

Thanks Micah. Enjoy the adventure :smiley: