Nimbus Titan 36er

Hi it may have been reviewed before but anywho,

Just got into 36er’s of late.

And thought i would give it a great review, the price is reasonable, i am amazed how smooth it rides and the difference in speed compared to the 29ers, find the nightrider tyre a little heavy but thats no biggy for me, the stock cranks did bend a little as i went down curbs and offroad a little, but just upgraded as of today. :slight_smile: upgraded pedals and saddle has really made a difference.

Thanks once again!

Anyone else own or ride a Nimbus Titan here currently?

I bought a used Titan from Killian with upgraded nimbus cranks, shadow handle, brake, pedals, and KH Street saddle…Its sweet :smiley:

Awesome, im planning on similar setup. I have kh freeride saddle, upgraded to dx pedals,

Does the brakes come in handy? Still considering it, i do find going down hills quick and harder to pull up, i take it the brake would help alot…

I live around a lot of hills and can’t imagine a 36er without brakes. :astonished:

Ok mainly flat where im located as i live by beach but i will still consider it for downhill spots :slight_smile:


I’ve got a 36er a few months ago (not a Titan, I was going to get one becasue of the unbeatable price but found an Oracle in special offer/reduced price so couldn’t resist…) and I would definitly recommend installing a brake. Not just because it saves your legs if where you ride is hilly (that’s my case) but also because I think is really handy for different situations:

  • on flat long strectches of road/cross country it allows you to slow down very quickly and regain control when going really fast on short cranks (the uni starts to wobble…). If you are out cycling for a few hours I think the brake does ease the pressure/pain in your knees/legs as otherwise you would have to use them (and not the brake) to slow down the uni in those situations…

  • also they are fantastic fun if you go into a BMX dirt track.

I never had a brake in a unicycle before and I have found it really fun and easy to use in the 36er. I think it adds a new dimension.

Now thinking in getting the ‘touring’ handle bars next :slight_smile:


I actually ride on those bmx dirt tracks, and find it would help on the big slopes,

Noticed it really takes a toll on your knees when flying along then jumping off the 36er, now i got smaller cranks its so fast so will consider a brake upgrade and maybe even a touring bar