Nimbus Titan 36

This Nimbus Titan is in good shape, it’s hardly ever been ridden, and is ready for a new home in the midwest. Location: Springfield Missouri


'Cuz I know where to get one for $375:D

Like to get this out of the garage
for 275?


Type of saddle?
Length of cranks?
Rim painted without braking surface?


Oh, and what tire is on it?

KH Fusion Freeride, 152 cranks, black smooth rim, no brakes, Nightrider tire

Wow. You’re selling this for $275? I bought a less-than-quality 36" off eBay for that. The first one had cranks that would turn independent of the wheel. I finally had to do some welding. Then the crank wouldn’t stay on. Then the company, ALWAYS nice to deal with, shipped me another 36"er. I hop on and guess what? The crank STILL can turn a few degrees until it engages the axle/hub/wheel.

Would you ship? I’m in Arizona.

I can ship it to you. I still have the box it came in. It does have some scuffs on the pedals but otherwise is in excellent shape. Only ridden around the neighborhood last summer, now its just taking up space

Sorry for the post jack, but…

Jeff, you could probably just get a new hub and you’d be fine. The hub that’s on the uni that you got is probably made of two separate parts that aren’t connected very well.

Thanks. I’m looking for a hub replacement first, but can’t find a 38 holer with these particular specs yet. I may just CALL tomorrow. But THIS one being sold comes with a KH seat! Oh, baby! :smiley:

I’m interested in your 36er @ $275

what is the shipping to california?