Nimbus Street Uni Available at UDC US

Hey everyone, looks like UDC US has the Nimbus Street in stock:

Same specs it seems as the UK and NZ version and with a price that fits it right inside the KH and Qu-ax/Torker gap.

I’m wondering if they will have the frame and hub available as separate parts. The upgrade to KH cranks from the Qu-ax freestyle is $15 dollars, I have no idea why anyone wouldn’t take the upgrade.

for that price that looks like a great uni.!!!

dang it just bought the Nimbus-X longneck

would have enjoyed the street cycle more…

its still more expensive than AE bike!

But udc actually has these, AE bike doesn’t have any kh stuff (at the moment at least).

Its tempting, but i just purchased my newest addition to my collection of torkers, and im on a budget, so 400 bucks is a lot, and i dont have the most wanted job. (pay wise that is)

it looks and sounds more like a flat land uni than a street uni cuse of the 125s for cranks and the long neck…

I’m also interested in the frame alone, for easier freestyle on my 20" DX.

I’m also interested in the frame alone, for easier freestyle on my 20" DX.

You will just have to shim the bearings a little because the new frame is machined for 42mm bearings whereas the DX has 40mm. Shouldn’t be a problem.

Id much rather ride this frame than my kh 06 frame.

I have the freesytle version on my freestyle unicycle, and its crazy nice.

i got a nimbus hopley trial uni and i really trust in the nimbus brand
after one year of intensive riding my uni still really new

but iam getting a KH07 now in july
but this nimbus looks nice

The seat post diameter really ruins it.

So many top riders did, and still do ride bedford frames, those are 22.2mm as well. I see what you are saying though.

yes, but most of that will be inside the longer-than-most neck

I can see improvements for this frame even, but maybe thats just me.

the frame look ok for street, maybe not the best but good value for money. at least it is better than torker