Nimbus Street (ISIS)

So recently there has been praise for the new ISIS Nimbus Trials uni, but no one is talking about the one designed for street.

As a mainly street rider I can help but wonder is this:

actually any good?

I’ve been considering upgrading from my DX, and I was wondering if the Nimbus X Street would hold up to street, light trials(no more than a 4 foot drop), and some flatland.

Anyone ridden one?

Its virtually the same unicycle as the Nimbus Trials ISIS, just with a different frame. It should work fine for street but you might not be able to get your seat low enough or find many seatposts which fit the frame. There aren’t even any CrMO posts in the 22.2mm size currently on the market.

Personally I’d get the Nimbus ISIS Trials and use the extra money you would be spending on that frame on KH cranks instead.

Get what brian did without the frame and order a koxx freetricks from renegade. It was the 27. whatever size and you can get a pit fighter or cromo. It comes in black or sliver too. I just ordered a 500mm so I can cut it to the perfect custom length for me.

the free tricks fits a trials wheel? Interesting…

Yeah but the clearance is very tight. Cody used a free tricks frame on his trials uni a while ago and he had to shim up the frame with rubber strips in the bearing holders. That frame is really heavy.

Ah, yeah I assumed as much. I suppose I have no real need for a longneck frame anyhow. Its just more metal to weigh me down when it could be just my thomson post up there instead.

I can’t wait to see how my long neck compares to my nimbus 2, I could cut it shorter if I wanted so no big deal. I have just hit my legs on my seat post clamp and don’t like it. Also you don’t really need a super light frame on a street uni the most important thing is the wheel the lighter the better for flips.

I have a free tricks frame That I am using with a shaved tire. It fits really well. I dont notice a weight difference with that over the devil frame. Tho the long neck combined with the smaller fork tubes makes it a bit top heavy. I am thinking about cutting the seat tube down pretty short, this should make it a lighter frame than the devil, tho I enjoy the look of the longneck.

With the Nimbus street. I really think the seat post diameter is a big set back, There are no real decent posts for that size. Only option I can think of is a primo rod and scott wallis base. Apart from that it seems cool.

Yeah, thats almost exactly what I said in the second post in this thread. I agree.

haha, sorry didn’t see that.