Nimbus Signature Trials/w KH upgrades

This is a newer(bought it earlier this year) Nimbus Signature Trials uni with the following upgrades: KH 137mm moment cranks, KH Street saddle, and Wellgo MG-1 Magnesium pedals. The uni has only been ridden about 10 times and is in very good condition, the cranks and mostly the pedals have the standard scrapes and scratches on them but nothing serious. The tire on this uni is 95% new and I will include another new Maxxis Creepy Crawler that I have laying around. I will ship this UNI for free in the US. This is an amazing unicycle for a really good price but I spent way too much on rebuilding my downhill bike so it’s got to go.

PM me with any questions

I prefer to deal through Paypal






nice uni but you should learn how to take better pictures. :wink:

Sorry I forgot to post the price $275 shipped.

Here’s a few “better” pictures.


Buyer bailed so this is still for sale. :angry:

I am lowering the price to $250 if anyone is interested.

still avilable? has the post been cut…? im 6’1 so… lemme know shoot me a pm

The UNI is now actually sold.