Nimbus Shadow Handle

Never rode Nimbus Shadow Handle, complete with all parts, 25.4 Pivotal Seatpost included.

Asking 100 euro plus shipping:

  • Europe 15 euro
  • Overseas 20 euro

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I might be interested. Does it work with any seatpost?

No, it needs a pivotal seatpost. A 25.4mm seatpost is included, I probably have a 27.2mm if you need it.

Nimbus frames use 25.4mm seatposts.

Ok, let me know.

I don’t have tried on a freeride saddle. On a velo base fit perfectly though.

It works well with a freeride and the shadow handle feels very sturdy and solid overall.

I’m just surprised if you buy new, the new prices are really high.

It’s not too late actually :slight_smile:

Still for sale.


Price drop to 90 euro.