Nimbus Shadow handle, T-handle

I see photos on UDC website of the Shadow handle and there is a T-handle coming out of the rear of the seat. Does anybody use these? Is for hanging shit on? Looks dangerous to me? I keep thinking of going downhill, loosing control of speed, and letting the Uni go in front of me…Ouch!

I think its purpose is resting your backpack (a big one) while riding.

Some people hang stuff off the back when touring. Most people just use the front.

I don’t own one, but I do on occassion rest my hand on the back of my seat, so I could see how it would be a way to change body position in order to relax, stretch out, etc…

the peice sticking out the back is the straight bar its just another bar option you dont need or want it sticking out the back so if you dont need it leave it at home

“pig tail”


I sawed about 5" off of the end of the bent handlebar (to get the bar ends closer to the seat for MUni) and discovered that I could make good use of the the sawed off piece: I stuck it in the rear receiver and covered the end with a 7/8" rubber tip to make a little “pig tail” on the Shadow set-up on my KH29. The pig tail is just long enough to take all the impact if/when the MUni falls backwards and it makes for a really good handle to hold when walking the MUni up steep trails (more ergonomically correct than holding the back of the seat or handle) … and it never seems to get in the way while riding.

Here’s a photo to give you a better idea:

Shadow Handle.jpg

Wow! That is an excellent idea. Looks like a really clean set-up.

another tip…

Thanks. I stumbled on it while pondering what to do with the sawed off bit and have been using my Shadow Handle set up this way for almost a year.

Since I took the photo, I have moved the brake from the extra, “stubby” bar end, to the curved handle itself, and I’ve added a spooner.

With the brake mounted on the curved bar, and set back towards the saddle a bit, the brake lever is protected from impact, because the bar ends (also with 7/8" rubber tips) hit the ground first. So far, so good – although when I UPD on trail, I tend to hang on to one of the handles while I fly off the front and land like a frog – so the MUni rarely goes down hard. Position the brake far enough back for good protection, but within easy reach of both hands when grasping the base of the bar ends.

Another tip on bar end protection: Wrap you bar ends with strips of an old “retired” inner tube and finish the wraps with 7/8" rubber tips, as shown in the photo. The inner tube strips I used are just over 3 feet long (3’ 3") and 5/8" to 3/4" wide. If you wrap them right, there’s no need for any adhesive on the bar ends. Just start with a couple of wraps at the base of the handle and spiral your way up to the tips, then finish off by twisting a 7/8" rubber tip over the tag end of the strip. You can spend a lot more dough on fancy bar wrap tape, but the inner tube strips take more abuse – and are free!

Happy Trails…