Nimbus Shadow Handle Set


I hope I am not doing anything against the rules if I let people know that I put this handle set up for sale on Ebay. It is listed there as “Nimbus Shadow Handle Set for unicycle - Matte black handlebar, complete, unused”. Here:

I bought it as a replacement for one that broke from too many spills (a Qu-Ax) but then I fixed that one and no longer need this one. So it is all new, just not in the original box.

[Thanks to all for the posting advice, sorry for being a cyber-idiot.]

Going to suggest, add your Ebay link :slight_smile:

Thank you for suggesting.
I did not want to seem too venal, or break some forum rules.

You could maybe edit your original post and put the link in there, so that it’s easier to find if someone doesn’t bother to read through the comments.

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