Nimbus Shadow Handle Set

I’ve never tried any kind of handle set so I have no idea about this - but I need to see what virtues it brings. There are a few different kinds.

Is the Nimbus Shadow Handle Set the way to go? Looks a tad Goldbergian in the picture on UDC …

Depends on what your application will be. For MUni I like the shortened KH T-handle for comfort and the dual hand position allows use of the standard lift handle as well. For 36ers I like the new KH T-handle setup with 30 degree angle. The Shadow T-handle will also fit in the KH sleeve and also has the 30 degree angle. I wanted the upward bend area to extend higher, so I made a cut in the center and added an additional 5" of post so I could sit more upright while riding. I also have profile aerobars attached to the “T” so I can stretch out a bit further and also have a rest area for arms and elbows rather than just my hands. I couldn’t imagine doing a long ride without this setup.

Everyone has an opinion on handlebars, but I agree that it depends what you want to do with it. The nice thing about the Shadow is that it’s stable when extended a long way out in front. Many people (myself included) like a long handlebar for road riding.

If you’re riding muni then you probably want it closer to the saddle, and in that case you might want to consider one of the other, more adjustable options like the KH or Coker bars.

Personally I use the Shadow for road riding, and I think it’s about the best of the bunch for that use case. If I ever decide it’s insufficient then the upgrade path for me is to fabricate a V frame :sunglasses: . If I were to put a handlebar on my muni, however, then I think I’d either be get a KH bar or build something myself.

Not Muni - I am thinking about buying the Nimbus Oracle 36" frame and switching all the parts from my Night Fox which is too small for me.

But when I do that I lose the mounting place for the handle bar. So I was trying to figure out how to recapture that feature - even though I have yet to even try that.

At $110 it works out that I spend 2/3 as much again just to get handle bars! Although it looks as though you get a lot of parts, including the seat post … I don’t know, maybe that’s trying too hard. I should maybe just be happy with my new frame setup and see how it goes.