Nimbus Saddle vs. Kris Holm

Money’s tight, I need every dollar possible for my car, so I’m thinking of buying the nimbus gel saddle, instead of the kris holm gel saddle.
I would trim down my DX saddle but I want to put it on my stock learner Sun, like buying two saddles in one.

Yes I know, this thread has been done 452543 times, but here are my questions:

  1. I noticed the the top of the nimbus saddle sticks out a lot higher on top, but maybe thats due to the placement of the acorn nuts? Anyways, it looks uncomfortable and if all of them are like that then KH it is, cause the KH doesn’t look near as curved as the nimbus.

  2. How much thicker is the nimbus than he KH? I like the feel of thinner saddles from my experience.

  3. Whats the use of the fusion cover*** and is it even that necessary for a rider who doesn’t do many extreme stunts?

I can’t give you an objective comparison because I’ve never tried a KH saddle, but I love my Nimbus gel. I can MUni for as long as my legs will allow me, without numbness or discomfort of any kind.

1: to me their the same, really. The kh is just a nimbus with his name on it, no offence kris lol. In my opinion their the same. I have more saddles than i do unis, one nimbus gel, one kh street/trial, one kh air cushion, some other kh one or nimbus one i think. They all feel great. The kh air cushion is the best, but its also the biggest to deal with. As for the street/trial, its compact, easy to handle, and feels great:D i guess i just go with the flow for saddles, the nimbus is like the same as a kh trials/street i guess, a little better though

edit: i dont notice a different on the street and gel, the kh is a lot thinner though, but packs a lot of punch comfort wise.

Seeing as Kris owns the mold and licenses Nimbus to use it, I doubt he’d be offended. It’s not just your opinion that they’re the same, they are literally the same, or at least the base is.

Personally, I find the freeride to be the best saddle for long distance riding. The Nimbus Gel is a fine saddle, and if your using it for MUni/Trials/Street it’s probably plenty good enough, especially if you don’t want to spend more.

The fusion cover is good for those who want to mess with the guts of the saddle, or swap out the cover once it wears out (although I don’t know if they’re sold seperately).

I strongly disagree about air-saddles (with the exception of the Wallace) being better than the freeride. Air-saddles put pressure on your mushy bits and require more “saddle breaks”. The freeride has the groove in the middle to keep more pressure on your sit bones.

The Nimbus foam definitely is curved a lot more, its a thicker at the front and back. For distance type riding the Nimbus is better because once you get situated its not that bad but for street riding where you sit and stand up and land on the saddle the extra curve in the front can cause some discomfort. Assuming you won’t want to modify the foam or replace the plastic base with carbon fiber eventually the non fusion cover is fine.

actually it would be that a Nimbus is a KH seat with the nimbus name on it. KH had this seat design b4 anyone else, at least to my knowledge. never treid a KH, but the nimbus saddle that came w/ my giraffe (now on my trials) was a big step up from my home cut down qu-ax. i want to get a KH when i get my new frame (if i do). hope this helps


I bought me a nimbus saddle! :smiley:
With the nimbus saddle, a seat post clamp and 11$ shipping it was still only 56$
No regrets here : )

Piss on your parade

LOL, ha ha , I hope not.:slight_smile:

I have all the above mentioned saddles. Except the free ride KH.

Ranked by comfort

Nimbus and KH street are not the same with a different name. The Nimbus is noticeably larger, heavier, with a cheaper, stapled on cover. Comfort is about the same. But the KH is way worth the extra 10 $. Lighter and a better cover. Smaller in the hand as well. Not at all the same. But about as comfortable.

The KH air seat is the heaviest and bulkiest plus $. Not worth it for a small wheel, but if you mod it with some duct tape and a closed cell pad, under the cover, it is twice as good as anything else I have tried. Rocks on the 36. Totally the best.:slight_smile:

I plan to email AEB and ask them what they might sell me a free ride KH for. They shipped me a whole unicycle for 8 $ last May.

So perhaps AEB might put a KH free ride at my door for less the 50 $. That would be a great value IMHO.

The Nimbus is ok, but I wouldn’t buy one now. I’m using one now on my 24 muni. It’s a comfortable saddle, and has held up well. KH saddles are lighter, have better covers. Really, worth the extra small $ IMHO.

I think that if Kris Holm went up against a Nimbus saddle in a fight to the death, he’d surely win.

The fusion cover is worth the extra money, because it wears out slower. Also, if you break anything on the seat, you can fix it easily on a fusion saddle, whereas if you need to go under the cover at all on the nimbus seat, it is a right hassle.

Also, I dunno if the nimbus is the version pictured on, but if so, it is not as good as the current KH saddle shape.

Don’t bother with an air saddle, they feel nice for inexperienced riders, because they are all lovely and squishy, but they’re not so good once you ride any distance. It’s similar to bikes, where the big sofa saddles are for beginners / leisure riders, but aren’t so good for anyone who rides much. Most distance unicyclists don’t use air seats any more.