Nimbus Rim

Would this rim be good for jumpind down stairs? Would it hold up to a 7 set? im thinking about getting this for my kh 08

Yea its a stong rim. Probaly stronger than a kh rim because it doesnt have cutouts.

yeah thats why i want it cause i bent my kh rim already and i only jumped down a 5 with it

Was, it properly inflated(your tire)?

yeah i could also been that i broke about 5 spokes on it lol

IS it in true? that might be the problem.


The Nimbus rim is literaly indistructable? prolly better than the KH.

Yeah thats why i want it so i dont have to worry about bending a rim when i jump down a set

You should never ride your uni when it has broken spokes(I’m sure you know that now) and I would have some extras laying around just in case, it is always good to have spare parts lying around.

I have also heard that the flanges are a bit stronger on a nimbus hub(more material).

i have been using the nimbus rim for about a year.
and its in fine condition.

its funny cause i put my wheel in to the shop today
to get my new KH08 rim put on.


but yeh its up to you… i would just get your wheel trued
and all spokes fixed. see how that turns out for you.

No wonder if you jumped a set with 5 messed up spokes and the others were probably off.

I ride the nimbus rim. I like it, it’s strong. Though, if you just want complete bombproff go with the 48 spoke version of that rim (if they have it) or go with the 48 version of the dx trials rim.

I think your kh would be fine with a good wheel build. With messed up spokes, your just asking to ruin your wheel.

The KH08 is also a strong rim. Its way better than the KH07.

I have mine for about 3 month now and its still completely true. Its an amazing rim.

It will definitely hold up to 7 sets. I’ve had mine for almost a year and it’s held up to 1.7m drops, 8 sets and landing sideways down 4 sets :P. I’ve also bottomed out jumping up and down sets so the corner of a stair hit the rim but it’s still completely true. Only downside is it’s slightly narrower than the KH. But for street that hardly matters and it also means it’s lighter.

ok thanks guys ill probably wait untill i completely destroy my kh rim

Maybe you should get some new spokes and take it to your lbs?

If you ride a nimbus with broken spokes I’ll guarantee you the same thing will happen. A wheel gets pretty much of it’s strength from the spokes being maintained. When your wheel is first built, you’ll have to check it to make sure nothing is getting loose.

If you ride street though, the nimbus might be a tad better since it is a little lighter.

I think something might be funny with kh factory built wheels. I put mine out of true and broke a spoke really quick with easy riding. Damn thing was bent silly. All I did were up’s. Never hit the rim. I’m getting new spokes and having my lbs do a proper wheel build.

i havent decided what to do yet but im going towards getting the nimbus rim

Not only is riding with broken spokes bad for your equipment, its seriously dangerous. Someone posted a photo a year or two ago where their spokes broke and actually impaled his calf muscle, going all the way through his leg.

Wow. Right through his leg? What are the chances of that? lol

Pretty high I’d say if you are riding a wheel with already missing or broken spokes.

Right through the leg. Personally I would have went straight for the hospital rather than stopping to take a picture.

Heres another instance of this happening: Spoke through leg=pain

I can’t find the thread with the photo though.